8 LOL Surprise Party Games (Minute To Win It)

Do you have a little girl? If you do, then I bet she’s LOL obsessed. I have two LOL obsessed kids, and when we were stuck inside for the fifth day in a row, I decided to create some LOL Surprise party games.

These LOL games were a HIT with my 4 and 7 year old, so I’m betting your kids will like them too!

In this challenge, your child will have to remove the clothes off of a certain amount of LOLs in 60 seconds. If you’ve ever had to do this, you know that it isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Take Off Their Clothes

Yep, you guessed it. The next challenge is to dress them back up. You could even mix up their clothes if you want to make it a bit more challenging for older kids.

Dress The LOLs

This one sounds pretty easy, right? Place all of your LOLs in a pile. Your child has to pick up and name as many LOLs as possible in 60 seconds.

Identify The LOLs

This one may sound morbid, but I got the idea from my own kids, so don’t judge. They are always popping the heads off of their LOL dolls, so I thought, why not make it a game! Remove all of your dolls heads. Children have 60 seconds to pop them back on.

Assemble The LOLs

“Hide” the LOL dolls around a certain room of your house. Realize that your children only have 60 seconds to find them, so I wouldn’t actually hide them. They should all be within sight.

Find The LOLs

In this challenge, your child needs to get her LOL dolls into the standing position. I’m not sure that this is possible if the LOL Surprise dolls are barefoot, so make sure that they are wearing shoes!

Stand Up The LOLs

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