30 Mom And Toddler Activities You’ll Both Love!

Is your toddler throwing tantrums in the grocery store, fighting sleep, and complaining for everything? Join the club!

Big changes and new routines can be a cause for less time spent with your toddler and results in an hard time for everyone in the family. This leads to a lack of attention and connection for your young children.

You’ll find some simple activities that are bound to have you loving your time with your little kids and will also foster great quality time that will spark a special connection.

Reading to your child is a great way to invite snuggles and is truly good for kids of all ages.

Check Out Books From The Library

Cutting is a skill that will be used for a lifetime, and small children love the autonomy they feel when you give them the scissors. Such a simple thing, yet they feel so grown up.

Do Some Simple Cut And Paste Crafts

One of those easy toddler activities is getting them moving! You’ll have a great time trying out new exercises together and seeing who can do them the longest, best, or silliest.

Do A Fitness Challenge

Looking at plants together is a great way to connect with nature without having to go very far. Plant nurseries are all over the place, hiding right under our noses.

Go To The Plant Nursery

If you want to have some fun with plants at your own house, pick up some seeds and plant them in your backyard.

Plant Flowers Or A Garden

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