92 Mother-Daughter Activities You’ll Both Enjoy

The bond between a mother and her daughter is one of the most important relationships a girl will have in her lifetime.

Creating a close bond with your daughter has benefits you’ll treasure for a lifetime as a mom.

These ideas are ones my girls and I all love and work for us! Let's dive in these super simple and fun mother-daughter bonding activities.

Asking questions is a fun activity that people love. Getting to dive into someone’s head is fun but it’s also a fantastic way to get to know the other person’s heart!

Have a Silly Question Asking Session

Even if your daughter isn’t really into reading and books for pleasure, almost everyone loves a good story! We both take turns reading pages, as the latest adventure unfolds.

Read a Book Together

This is one of my favorite fun mother daughter activities. Sharing a Mom and Me Journal gives you and your daughter a safe place to connect and communicate.

Start a Mother-Daughter Journal

- Do each other’s makeup and nails - Have a spa day, complete with homemade facials, face masks and foot massages - Do a craft together

Do one of these At Home Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Playing games with your child is a no-brainer but not just any games. Board games are best for bonding time with your kids.

Play a Board Game Together

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