The MSPI Baby: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving It

If you are just starting your dairy free breastfeeding journey, I feel your pain. I remember being right where you are. Through my personal experience I learned a lot about MSPI.

You have an MSPI baby (also known as a milk allergy in babies or a milk soy protein intolerance / cow’s milk protein intolerance), you have no idea what to eat and your body needs fuel in order to produce breast milk.

Symptoms are very similar to those of MSPI: excessive gas mucus in the stool green stools

If you believe that your baby has MSPI, you should rule out a breast milk oversupply first.

If you have any of these symptoms along with frequent engorgement and a baby who gasps for air when nursing, oversupply might be your issue instead.

blood in stool frequent spitting up lack of weight gain ezcema excessive fussiness

However, if your baby has any of these other symptoms of MSPI, then that’s likely what you’re dealing with:

Realize though that your baby doesn’t have to have all of these symptoms in order to have MSPI. If you are seeing bloody diapers, that is the number one indicator and will likely prompt an MSPI diagnosis.

While you’re in the beginning stages of dealing with MSPI, the next step is to know what to eat and what to watch out for. Dairy Products and Soy are Hidden Everywhere.

These labels mean that milk products aren’t included: Vegan (no dairy) Whole30 (no dairy) MSPI-friendly Paleo (no dairy) Kosher Pareve

How to Follow an MSPI Diet without Starving

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