Natural Postpartum Care: 7 Pain And Stress Management Tips

This sneaky post-birth phase is often overlooked by pregnant mamas preparing for what’s ahead. It’s A LOT to take on, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And most times, not having a plan for recovery is a big part of the problem.

Whether you’re already deep into the postpartum recovery process or approaching your final weeks of pregnancy and wisely planning ahead, these natural postpartum care tips will help.

Here are 7 NATURAL ways to combat both postpartum pain and postpartum stress or anxiety as you settle into your new life with your baby.

A really simple way to help ease pain caused by swelling, soreness, or even breast engorgement, is to try using a padded ice pack.

Ice and Heat

If you’re finding yourself especially tense, either from stress or from the physical difficulties of labor and childbirth, try a relaxing massage.


This is one of my favorite go-tos when something in my body is “off.” Oils are natural and often just as effective as many over-the-counter options for some of life’s surprises.

Essential Oils

These were my lifesavers during those first months. It is made with passionflower extract, is completely drug-free, and is not habit-forming. It just really helped remove some of that extra tension that had built up.

Anxiety Drops

Baths are a really great, natural way to relieve both pain and stress during the postpartum phase. An extra warm soak can loosen up tight muscles and provide extra soothing below.

Bubble Bath

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