Newborn Won’t Sleep Unless Held? 15 Techniques To Try!

Your newborn won’t sleep unless held at night or for naps? It’s SO hard, right? Baby sleep during the newborn stage is by far the most difficult aspect of babyhood.

Try out theses best ways to get a newborn to sleep without being held. Hopefully you will find something that works to get you the perfect sleeping baby.

If your baby sleeps terribly in the bassinet or crib or your baby will only sleep on you at night, this is super helpful.

Take Shifts With Your Partner

Swaddle your baby up (with a velcro swaddle so that she can’t get out of it), and then feed or nurse until sleepy and lay down.


If you are swaddling your baby to sleep, a great idea is to take the swaddle blanket and simply wear it under your shirt/bra all day.

Keep Your Smell Close

While this tip might not be a fast fix, it’s still a very important one. Teach your baby that it’s time to sleep by always setting the mood in the same way.

Use A Sleep Association

Having a loose sleep schedule is helpful also, in order to avoid over-tiredness. My suggestion is just to pay attention to your baby’s cues and go from there.

Create a Sleep Schedule

Using a white noise sound machine with your baby is another way to mimic the womb, which will calm your baby, help your baby fall asleep faster and most importantly?

Use White Noise

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