45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!)

Creating and playing on an obstacle course is such a great way to spend time with the family!

Not only are they a lot of fun, but they help add in that much needed physical activity and can help younger kids build their fine motor skills.

No matter your child’s age, there are so many great ideas to use everyday objects such as jump ropes, couch cushions, and empty paper towel rolls to make a basic obstacle course that will translate into a great time for the whole family!

From using the hula hoops in a traditional way to jumping through them or rolling them, there are so many ways to implement them in your obstacle course.

Hula Hoops

If you do not happen to own a balance beam per se, you can use anything that will create a straight line.

Walk A Balance Beam

If you do no have balloons, popping bubble wrap can be just as exciting.

Balloon Popping Station

To make this even more fun, have participants pick from a list of silly ways to jump. For example: – jump like an elephant – jump like a kangaroo – jump like a horse

Jump Over Pool Noodles

The kids could run around the cones, use a scooter, or ride a bike around the cones for added fun.

Weave Through Cones

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