30 Physical Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers love challenges and anything they can win at, right? And as moms, WE love when we can keep our toddlers active (and tired!).

These 30 Day Physical Activities for Toddlers are perfect. Your toddler will love winning the printable badges that I have included, and you will love that your toddler is active and gaining gross motor skills.

You can download the badges that I have created to go with each day’s challenge. Simply cut them out and give them to your child once she completes a challenge.

Printable Completion Badges

Your child will walk like a bear, staying on her hands and feet, with her bottom in the air, just like a bear.

Day 1- Bear Crawl Challenge

Use whatever you have around the house (including furniture!) to create a fun obstacle course. You can use pillows as lily pads, a tunnel, a couch to climb on and run across, chairs to crawl under, etc.

Day 2- Obstacle Course Challenge

Have your child play Freeze Dance 5 times in order to win her badge.  That’s 10 minutes of movement!

Day 3- Freeze Dance Challenge

Have your child complete a YouTube yoga workout. They are super fun.

Day 4- Yoga Challenge

See how long your toddler can stay balanced on one foot. If she’s advanced, you can have her do tree pose.

Day 5- Balance Challenge

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