How To Make A Pillow Fort- The Ultimate Guide

A pillow fort is a fun, low-cost activity that can get the entire family involved in something creative and fun.

As a bonus, these forts only require a few, common household items to get started.

Here are some common items used in pillow forts: – Blankets – Sheets – Pillows – Chairs – Decorations

Gather Supplies

Choosing a location for your fort can make or break your experience inside. Try to pick a well-ventilated area that is close to sunlight but won’t get too hot.

Choose a Location

The base of a pillow fort is usually made from a sofa, table or other big piece of furniture that can serve as the support system for the entire mechanism.

Build the Base

To make the roof of your fort, pick a lightweight and sturdy sheet and attach it to the sides and base of your fort.

Build the Roof

To cover holes between your base and roof, use lightweight sheets and blankets. Drape these items on your pillow fort where there is a gap.

Make the Walls

Once you’ve got the structure created, it’s time for the fun part: decorating! There are so many fun themes you can choose from that will take your fort to the next level and make it fun for all who enter.

Decorate the Fort

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