Ready to start potty training a boy? Get these tried and true tips for potty training success that work!

TIP #1: Make sure that your son is ready by learning what to look for in regards to potty training readiness.

TIP #2: Do a Target run and have him pick out some big boy undies. It will get both of you excited for what's to come!

TIP #3: Plan to stay home for a few days. Your progress will be completely erased if you need to step away from the potty.

TIP #4: Have your child go naked. It can help your son to feel the sensation of peeing much more when naked!

TIP #5: Teach him to pee sitting down first. One thing at a time! Get the peeing down first, then work on aim.

TIP #6: Move the training potty to whatever room your son is in. And keep moving it. The potty should follow him!

TIP #7: Don't say "Do you want to try to use the potty?" He will say no every time. Simply tell him when it's time to use the potty!