Making A Pregnancy Announcement To Your Husband? 41 Ideas!

Announcing that you’re pregnant to your husband can be a very spur-of-the moment thing (and still very special), but these ideas that you’ll find here are EXTRA special.

These ideas make me want to go back in time to the first time or second time I was pregnant and create a super fun, super creative announcement for my husband.

There are so many creative ways to make this special announcement. The tough part will be deciding which of these fun ideas you will use.

If you have a dog, it’s always fun to involve your fur baby in the announcement. You could buy your dog a shirt that says “Every dog needs a baby”.

Involve your dog

There are many different styles of onesie that you could buy in order to tell the news. A onesie that says “Oh, baby!”, “Coming soon”, or “Little miracle” might be cute.

Buy a onesie

I LOVE this idea. Take your husband to the mall and go into a photo booth. After the first picture is snapped, tell him the news and you’ll get his reaction caught on camera.

Get photographic evidence

If your husband is a competitive game player, why not play a round of Charades? Try to play a few times through normally, and then reveal that your pregnant a little way through.

Play Charades

Buy your husband one of  “you’re going to be a dad” puzzles. Watch as he gradually finds out the news!

A puzzle announcement

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