27 Pregnancy Freebies That Are Amazing And Truly Free

When you find out that you’re pregnant, the initial excitement and period of disbelief might quickly be replaced by an uncertain feeling of how you’re going to afford a new baby.

Babies need lots of things, right? Thankfully, there are many pregnancy freebies and baby freebies out there that are going to help you to enjoy your pregnancy and raise your baby without going into debt.

So I decided to write a list that contained resources, products and items that are ACTUALLY free, with no additional cost. 100%. No strings attached.

I love these printable milestone cards because you can show in your photo just how far along you are. Simply include the card in your photo!

Pregnancy Milestone Cards

It allows you to quickly and easily write down your symptoms, cravings, aversions, accomplishments and thoughts.

Pregnancy Trimester Journal

This workshop is an on-demand class that will teach you exactly what to expect from your prenatal care from now until you give birth.

Free Prenatal Care Workshop

Feeling clueless when it comes to the birth process? This on-demand class will teach you everything you need in order to feel confident when you go into labor.

Free Birth Preparation Workshop

This email series will provide you with weekly info based on your due date, a weekly tip on how to prepare for baby’s arrival, and other info to make it through pregnancy confidently.

Pregnancy Week By Week Email Series

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