80 Questions To Ask Your Son To Get To Know Him

When I brought home my new baby, the worries immediately started. No, scratch that. The worries started before my son was even born. Was he going to be healthy? What kind of person would he be? Am I going to be a good parent?

After a few very sleepless nights, I came to the realization that the only control I really had over his teenage years and how we would interact with each other is by starting a good relationship early in his life.

Thereby building a connection that would be solid enough to usher us safely through the teenage years. The first thing I needed was the right questions that would lead to meaningful conversations with more than one-word answers.

Questions That Allow Him To Teach You

How do you play your favorite sport? How did your favorite superhero get his/her powers? Teach me about your favorite activity.

Teach me your favorite dance moves. Teach me the words to your favorite song. Tell me about how you learned your favorite bike tricks. Tell me the characteristics of your favorite cartoon character.

Questions That Build Emotional Intelligence

What brings you joy? What is your favorite joke? What makes you laugh? How do you feel after a long school day? What is it that you like about your favorite teacher

What is your favorite part of the school day? What is your least favorite part of the school day? What kind of animals make you feel happy? What kind of animals make you feel scared?

Would you rather have the ability to fly or teleport? Would you rather have a time machine or live in a different time period forever?

Would You Rather Questions

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