28 Road Trip Games For Kids

Having a list of things to do during road trips is helpful for the entire family.  The miles go by much more quickly for a child who is busy and parents have the joy of happily entertained children.

With all the things you already have on your to do list for going on trips (which includes packing for pretty much everyone!), we thought you would appreciate some assistance with the in-car entertainment!

I remember looking at road signs a lot when I was on a long road trip as a child.  Younger kids would love playing road trip bingo to make the miles go by faster.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt The kids will be on such good behavior because they will be so busy looking for all the of items of their scavenger hunt!

Play Sevens Each person in the car takes turns counting and anytime the number is a multiple of 7 that person has to say BUZZ or else they are out.

Play Cows And Graveyards Each person in the car counts the number of cows they see, but when you see a graveyard, it cancels everyone’s cows. Designate one person to keep a tally of cows and graveyard losses.

Play I Went To The Market The person who starts says “I went to the market and bought (something that starts with A- apple, maybe). The next person has to remember apple and add something with B.

Play Guess The Animal This is one of the best games to keep everyone busy and learning at the same time. One person thinks of an animal and everyone takes turns asking only yes or no questions to figure out what animal that person chose.

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