How to Save $2,500 During Baby’s First Year

When I first saw the estimated cost of a baby during the first year, I was shocked. 12,000 dollars?! Who can afford that? And even if you CAN afford it, who WANTS to spend that much money on a baby over one year?

It’s actually possible to spend very little during baby’s first year. Of course, there are essentials like diapers and wipes that you must purchase, but there are some simple ways that you can save some serious money.

Formula (on average) is going to cost you $100 a month. And that’s if your child doesn’t have a milk protein intolerance (like both of my babies did). Cost of formula for one year: 1,200.00

Formula vs Breastfeeding

Cost of breastfeeding for one year: free (make sure to get a free pump from your insurance company) Savings: 1,200.00

A basic crib bedding set is going to cost you about $100, and it will contain two unnecessary items. The blanket and a dust ruffle.

Crib bedding

I purchased this super soft velour crib sheet, and I also bought breathable bumpers. Cost of crib bedding: $100 Cost of velour crib sheet: $13.00 Savings: 87.00

Babies grow fast—faster than they ever will at any other time in their lives. While it is tempting to buy all the cute clothes, resist.

Baby clothing

Instead, take all the hand-me-downs. Approximate cost of clothing: $60 a month for a total of $270. Cost of hand-me-downs: $0.00 Savings: $270.00.

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