12 Signs Of Nesting In Pregnancy

If you are a first time parent, you might be wondering what all the talk about nesting is. Are people actually building a “human nest” for their new arrival?

We conducted a study with 363 participants that showed that almost half of these pregnant women had pregnancy nesting to a large extent.

While it does seem fairly obvious that nesting is a common instinct, 23% of women felt that they have never nested before– meaning, it is real, but doesn’t happen to every expecting mama.

So don’t worry if you aren’t feeling that urge to organize your entire home. You’re still normal even if you just have that nesting instinct to pack a hospital bag a couple of weeks before baby’s arrival.

You don’t want to bring baby home to a messy house that has even a little bit of dust on that ceiling fan.

1. You Clean. Everything.

2. You Are Making Freezer Meals

Ok, these are actually practical. A few weeks before baby’s due date, a good idea is to come up with a bunch of meals that you love (and that can be frozen).

Expectant mothers at the end of the third trimester shouldn’t have much energy left after growing a child for 9 months. FALSE. This sudden burst of energy that comes usually results in checklists GALORE.

3. You Have Made A To-Do list For Everything

Now that baby is coming, we have GOT to make room and get rid of some things! Load up the back of that car and take a few trips to your local Goodwill or DI.

4. You Are Decluttering The Entire House

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