30 Things To Teach A 3 Year Old

If you are looking for some easy, fun ways to start teaching your child life and social skills, these ideas are for you!

Giving your child choices in their daily activities empowers them to feel like they are making decisions and is the first steps to raising an independent child.

1. Independence

Your child can do things like pick up their toys/room at the end of the day. Make it a fun activity by having them sing the “clean up song”.

2. Responsibility

Young kids love learning about their world and recognizing and talking about letters is a huge step! There are so many fun ways to get your child looking at, talking about and recognizing letters.

3. Letter Recognition

You can easily practice these skills and get their little hands moving with these great ideas: – Tracing basic shapes or letters – Cutting straight lines – Gluing – Stacking building blocks

4. Fine Motor Skills

Taking turns can be hard, but starting to introducing this at a young age is so important!  A fun way to easily introduce this idea to your child is by taking turns with them while you play.

5. How To Take Turns

Sharing and taking turns goes hand in hand.  This is a skill that children have to learn, but also have to be taught and practicing with your child is the best way to do this!

6. How To Share

Model, model, model! I know that seems to be a common theme around many of these social skills, but the best way to teach children is to model whatever we want them to do.

7. How To Be Polite

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