44 Best Toddler Activities

Having an active toddler is a great thing, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. What you need, tired mama, is some high energy toddler activities.

This list is full of easy, low-prep toddler activities and games that you can do at home that will tire your toddler out BEFORE BEDTIME! Yes!

Parachute Ball Game Remember playing parachute in gym class? Even if you don’t have the real deal, you can simply use a round tablecloth, place some balls on it, and have your kids shake the parachute and run to collect the balls.

Laser Chase If you have a laser of some kind, get comfy on the couch and shine the laser on the floor and have your kids chase it and try to “catch” it. Does it sound like something you would do with your cat? Yep. But who cares.

Timed Races You could have your kids do the crab walk, wheelbarrow race, bear walk, three-legged race, egg and spoon race or sack race.

Monster in the Middle Monster in the Middle is our version of Monkey in the Middle.

Calling the person in the middle a monster instead of a monkey just makes it more fun, and gives that person a little more freedom to move from the middle (and to make scary monster noises too).

Have a Clean Up Race 🌟 Family Favorite Having a clean up race is lots of fun. If I want my kids to clean up a room fast, I turn on a fun, upbeat song and I tell them that we have to finish cleaning up before the song ends.

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