Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt (For Boy Or Girl!)

Is your child as obsessed about losing a baby tooth as mine are? I’m guessing yes. Or maybe your child is terrified?

Either way, gifting this tooth fairy receipt will mean that your child will love this tradition even more OR it will encourage your child to like it.

Whether it’s your child’s first tooth lost or the tenth, this tooth receipt can still provide the magic of the tooth fairy.

– curly, authentic tooth fairy handwriting – an area to write your child’s name to make it officially theirs

Your tooth fairy receipt comes complete with the following:

– an area to document your child’s age and the date – a tooth condition rating (from excellent to okay) – a place to document the payment earned from the tooth

– the tooth fairy’s beautiful signature – a barcode (because every receipt needs one!) – a cute, gender neutral design (in purple, blue or pink) that will work for both boys and girls with simple print that resembles the font used on receipts

– Download the PDF printable – Print your free download.

Here’s what you need to do in order to set up some tooth fairy magic.

– Gather your materials- you can have the tooth fairy gift some money or maybe a small toy.

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