10 Awesome Water Balloon Games For Kids

Water balloons make the perfect summertime toy. They are affordable, fun and keep the kiddos cooled off when it’s hot. And even better…they get the kids to go outside and be active!

Chances are, your kids will be excited just to fill up the balloons and toss them at each other.

But why not make it even more fun by setting up one of these fun games to play?

The object of the game is to see how fast you can make it to the finish line without popping the balloon. If the balloon pops you can to go back to the start and get a new balloon.

Back to Back Water Balloon Race

We played this at a birthday party recently, and it was an absolute blast. To be honest, you don’t even need a net, but if you have one go ahead and use it.

Water Balloon Volleyball

What makes this water balloon game so fun is that everyone looks ridiculous, and you are pretty much guaranteed to get soaked.

Colander Head

If you need a fun game to play with a crowd, this activity is perfect! Split everyone into two teams and play ball!

Water Balloon Little League

Kids will have a blast channeling their inner Kung-Fu Panda and showing off their ninja skills with this game.

Water Balloon Kung-Fu

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