Wondering What To Teach Two Year Olds? 30 Fun Ideas

Two year olds are so much fun! And SO hard at the same time. They yearn for independence but they still need help.

They have ideas but have a hard time explaining them (and executing them). They refuse to nap but they still need one to make it to bedtime.

Here is a list of ideas of things you can teach your 2 year old during this TERRIFIC time in life!

Kids academic skills can improve on a daily basis. Try helping them learn one new word everyday in a fun creative way.

New Vocabulary Words

We’ve all been there before… you just want to cuddle up and read to your toddler, but they have a different agenda. It can be frustrating, but don’t give up. Next time you read, try it during snack time when they are strapped into a chair.

To Sit Through A Book

Younger children want independence so badly! My 2 year old daughter wants to buckle herself up in the car. I’m trying to adjust my schedule and expectations to allow her the opportunity to develop that independence.


Start with a short amount of time with them playing next to you and then slowly increase the time when they are ready.

To Play Independently (For Short Periods)

Sometimes it can be hard for their brains to put what they want into words. That’s a lot of effort for them at this age. Be patient and keep working on it. When they do whine, gently remind them to try again using their words.

To Use Their Words

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