100 Funny Would You Rather Questions For Students

A really fun way to get to know your students is to ask them would you rather questions.

It can also be a great way to end the school day or a way to fill short periods of time that might otherwise might go to waste.

The more you know about the children in your classroom, the easier it can be to relate to them and ultimately be able to teach them.

1.Would you rather study from a book or from the Internet? 2.Would you rather have a strict teacher or a relaxed one?

Questions About Learning

1.Would you rather have math class early in the morning or late in the afternoon? 2.Would you rather use a calculator or solve math problems on paper?

Questions About Math

1. Would you rather have tiny feet or giant feet? 2. Would you rather have an extra ear or an extra nose?

Science Would You Rather

1. Would you rather eat peanut butter or French fries? 2 Would you rather have huge hands or bad breath?

Would You Rather Questions For Elementary Students

1. Would you rather have curly hair or straight hair? 2. Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or be a famous singer?

Questions For Middle Schoolers

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