spending countless hours trying to find safe recipes and foods to eat.


researching every step in your MSPI journey.


eliminating the stress that can come with a Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance and putting your focus on your baby.


preparing delicious, quick meals that are safe for your baby.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and hungry?
  • Spending too much time browsing Pinterest for recipes?
  • Getting conflicting information from your Pediatrician and the Internet?
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    Feeling like your not sure you can make this work?
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    Worried about how this diet change is going to affect your milk supply?


You are not alone.

I have been in all of these situations. Tired of researching. Exhausted from baby being up countless times the previous night. Not knowing what to cook for dinner that wasn't going to hurt my baby but being SO HUNGY. Dealing with a Pediatrician who told me that I just needed to eliminate cow's milk and cheese.

I spent so much of my time researching every little question that came up and trying to find recipes. I wish I had an all-inclusive resource. Why?

Because there was so much information that I needed to learn at each stage of my baby's life.

Because I was constantly stressed out over every single fussy moment and found it hard to enjoy my baby's first year.

Because finding recipes on Pinterest that were dairy and soy free, delicious, healthy, and good for maintaining a healthy milk supply was extremely difficult.

What if I told you that for less than the cost of a dinner for two, you could save yourself months of stress and frustration?

  • over 100 recipes and 100 snack ideas
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    instant eBook download
  • accessible from anywhere (computer, phone, iPad
  • covers everything from birth to 12 months

Here's what's included:

Ingredients that you need to avoid

How to easily adapt your favorite recipes

How to increase your supply while avoiding dairy and soy

How to eat out

what store-bought snacks and frozen meals are safe (over 100 safe snacks)

what to cook- over 100 meals that you can make quickly and easily (15 minute prep or less!)

How to introduce solids to your baby

What you need to know about vaccinations

How to reintroduce dairy into your diet

How to introduce dairy into your baby's diet

What makes The Complete Guide To Breastfeeding A Baby With MSPI so special?

There is nothing else like it. It provides you with everything that you need in one place.

 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here at Paper Heart Family, we want to help you on your MSPI journey with the best resource available. We're so sure that this guide will help you that we are offering a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the guide, simply email us to get the entire cost refunded.