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How To Make Babies Laugh- 60 Things To Try

Every mom in the universe wants to know how to make babies laugh.

Baby laughter is the BEST. THING. EVER. 

We will act like complete and utter fools for hours on end just for a chance to make our baby laugh.

Some babies laugh more easily than others. Both of my babies were (and I guess still are in some cases) quite serious. And when you have a serious baby, it makes you all the more determined to coax a laugh from your baby.

And no, I don’t mean a laugh while your baby is sleeping, because that doesn’t count. It’s involuntary. (Why do babies laugh in their sleep? Experts believe that it is simply a reflex, not a reaction to a dream.) (source)

You want the real deal. You want to know how to make babies laugh, while awake, because YOU are the funniest person in your baby’s world.

I mean really, it’s the least our babies can do for us after all that we endured through pregnancy and delivery, right? Well, that and give us more than a couple hours of sleep at a time. That would be great too.

Trying to figure out how to make your baby laugh? This list of 60 ideas will help you get your baby to laugh.

When Do Babies Start Laughing?

The majority of babies laugh out loud between the ages of 3 and 4 months old. However, it is also common for some babies to start laughing much later than that. Remember that each baby is different, and some are simply more serious than others.

How To Make Babies Laugh

  1. Pinch baby’s rolls
  2. Pretend to drop your baby
  3. Put your hand in the air and wiggle your fingers as they get closer to baby’s face. Then you can gently cover your baby’s face with your hand or tap your baby’s nose with your finger.
  4. Play “So Big”- Take your baby’s arms and lift them up and down while saying “so big!”
  5. Get a Fisher Price Giggle Gang Toy– It is a plush toy that giggles when shaken or squeezed.
  6. Tickle your baby
  7. Chase your baby (if your baby is crawling)
  8. Kiss your baby
  9. Give your baby raspberries
  10. Make silly noises or silly faces- slurping sounds, animal sounds, etc.
  11. Laugh yourself- It just might prompt a laugh from your baby
  12. Pretend to bite your baby
  13. Gently blow in your baby’s face, in baby’s hair or on baby’s belly
  14. Clap her hands together
  15. Squish her cheeks to make a fish face
  16. Flip your ponytail around
  17. Play “This Little Piggy”
  18. Give your baby a ride on your knee
  19. Cover your baby with a blanket, then quickly remove it
  20. Dance (with or without your baby)
  21. Use a hand puppet
  22. Talk with a funny voice
  23. Play a funny sound on your phone or on your Amazon Alexa.
  24. Play peekaboo
  25. Carefully put your (older) baby upside down while holding her, then gently lift her back up
  26. Kiss baby’s nose
  27. Give eskimo kisses
  28. Sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider while holding your baby’s hands- it’s the perfect song to make baby laugh because it’s so interactive.
  29. Lay baby on her back on the bed and bounce the bed
  30. Lay baby on the bed while you’re making it and cover her with the sheets
  31. Roll across the floor (I told you we’ll do ridiculous things for a laugh)
  32. Sing- my first born didn’t laugh when I sung to her, but she did stare at me with the most precious look EVER like she was falling in love with me all over again when I used to sing to her. The feeling it gave me was WAY better than any laugh, so it’s worth a try. Give lots of eye contact while you’re singing too.
  33. Make up a silly song to sing
  34. Sneeze- this is one of the best sounds that make babies laugh
  35. Pretend to shoe a fly away
  36. Eat your baby’s food and make exaggerated “YUM” noises
  37. Put baby’s feet up to her cheeks and tickle her with her own feet
  38. “Sniff” in your baby’s ear
  39. Move your face closer and farther away from your baby’s face
  40. Pretend to get scared
  41. Pretend to fall down
  42. Play with your baby in front of the mirror
  43. Play with your dog
  44. Watch an older sibling play
  45. Carefully throw your baby into the air
  46. Tickle her chin
  47. Talk in a deep voice or a high-pitched voice
  48. Smell her feet and say “PEW!”
  49. Pretend to be asleep and have your baby wake you up
  50. Smack your lips
  51. Pretend to hurt yourself in some way
  52. Look away from your baby, then look at her really quick
  53. Take baby’s leg and make her pretend kick you (baby’s find violence amusing, what can I say?)
  54. Drop something and say “uh oh”
  55. Pretend to cough
  56. Fake cry
  57. Play super baby (make your baby fly through the air)
  58. Growl
  59. Chase her while your significant other is holding her and say “i’m gonna get you!”
  60. Pretend to hiccup

And if none of these 60 ideas can succeed in giving your baby the giggles, you might as well watch other babies laugh.

Now that you’ve made your baby happy, learn how to make your cat happy, too!

Let me know in the comments if any of these tips for how to make babies laugh work for your baby!

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Baby dpesn't laugh? Find out when baby's typically start to laugh and 60 ways to make your baby laugh.

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