365 Conversation Starters For Moms And Daughters

Do you ever feel like...

  • there's not enough time in the day to make meaningful connections with your daughter?
  • you want to have a more open relationship with your daughter?
  • you want to get to know your daughter better?
  • you want to promote a healthy self-image in your daughter but you're not sure how?

Hi, I'm Brenda!

I created this journal to use with my own two daughters. I wanted to make sure that they knew that they were loved, and that I encouraged them to be strong and confident young women. I also wanted to write down all of their young thoughts and dreams. 

The printable journal contains questions covering the following topics:

(click to view sample questions)

Things You Love

Loving Yourself

Never Giving Up

Using Your Mind

Being Kind

Managing Your Emotions

Family Life

Just For Fun

Would You Rather

I love using this journal with my own kids because it's so insightful, and it brings us closer together.

You can use it at dinner time, at bedtime, while you're waiting at the bus stop... whenever.

There's also enough space to document your daughter's answers over multiple years. My daughters love to give their answer and then have me read their answer from last year.

365 Day Story of a girl journal

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