Do you want to...

  • get to know your daughter better?
  • connect with your daughter even on the busiest days?
  • document this fleeting time in your daughter's life?
  • check
    help your daughter develop important traits like positive self image?
  • check
    laugh with your daughter?

I'm a mom of two, and I initially created this mommy and me journal to use with my daughters. I wanted to make sure that every single day, there would be at least one time that all of my attention was on them. When all of the distractions and the busyness of the day faded away.

What I ended up getting from this journal was so much more.

I learned about what my daughter needed more of from our family.

It opened up important conversations that are sometimes difficult to initiate.

It has helped my daughters to become more confident and aware of their world.

What do you get?

  • a 53 page instant download
  • 365 days of questions (one question per day!)
  • a precious keepsake that you will treasure forever
mother daughter journal

How does the mommy and me journal work?

  • decide on a time of day when you can complete the journal together (dinner time, before bed)
  • ask your child one question and record her answer along with her age (there's no need for your child to be old enough to write, my 3 year old LOVES answering these questions)
  • share YOUR answer with your daughter as well
  • check
    continue the tradition past a year to see how your daughter's answers evolve and change 

What kind of questions will you find in the journal?

The journal is split up into 9 different categories.

What your daughter loves

Questions that will build your daughter's self confidence

Questions that will help your daughter learn perseverance

Questions that require critical thinking

Questions that promote kindness and compassion

Questions that will help your daughter recognize and manage her emotions

Questions that will help your child express how she sees her family life

Just for fun questions

Would you rather questions

What are you waiting for? Start this special tradition with your daughter today!

(If you would rather receive a spiral bound printed journal, email [email protected])