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Free Camping Activity Book To Take On Your Next Camping Trip

The smell of fresh pine trees, the crisp cool air, watching the clouds float by while tossing pebbles into a stream… it’s all so dreamy, right? 

The wonders of the outdoors can be a magical time for family bonding and will form lasting memories! 

However, if you have ever brought your kids camping with you, you’ll most likely agree with me that sometimes they need a little guidance on what to do when they are “bored”. 

They won’t have any of their normal toys or activities that they are used to from home. And it can be hard to get in the groove of being creative out in nature when you aren’t used to it. 

Check out these fun outdoor activities that might also work at your campsite! If you go on a bug or nature hunt, come prepared with some old-fashioned mason jars with each child’s name on one so they can have a spot for their fun treasures. 

There is such a wide variety of activities to choose from when you’re in the great outdoors. 

Nature crafts are always a go-to for our family. Bring a few tubes of paint and some paintbrushes to do some pinecone art, paint rocks, or try painting with leaves! 

Whether you’re heading for the mountains on a backpacking trip with your kids, car camping, or even camping in your own backyard, these fun-filled camping activity books are JUST what you need! 

Trust me, you’re kids will be loving the activity suggestions in this book, and the best part is you can get the whole family involved! 

Camping Activity Book For Kids


Activity Book Pages

1. Cover

Have your child color the cover however they would like. If they are just starting to learn their letters, now is a great time to teach them how to spell their name. 

Feel free to do this before you leave when you’re trying to pack all those last-minute things and the kids aren’t necessarily being the most “helpful”. 

2. Tic-Tac-Toe

Ready for some good old-fashioned fun? Kids love learning games that YOU played in your childhood! 

We recently taught our 3-year-old how to play tic-tac-toe and now we have her asking all the time whenever there is a blank sheet of paper. 

This activity, along with the following few, are going to be great for a long drive or to keep them busy while you’re setting up camp. 

3. This Or That?


This is one of those fun activities where your kids might actually surprise you! What do your kids really like?

Add a fun twist to it and try answering all the questions first guessing what your child will say. They can do the same for you. 

Then take turns answers and see if you really know each other! 

4. Trivia


Try to not look at the answers and do the trivia with your kids! They’ll get a kick out of it if you get some wrong… because mom and dad should know everything, right?

5. Scavenger Hunt


Kids love to have a task to complete. Give them something to look for or find and they are ON IT! 

Nature-themed scavenger hunts can be fun as well. Let them collect things they find in their personal mason jar. 

6. Charades


Have some family fun laughing around the campfire as you divide up into teams and play a game of camping charades. 

Can’t wait to see dad try, “cannonballing into a lake”! 

7. Design The Camper


See what kind of colorful illustrations your kids can dream up! 

Make it a competition for the whole family to see who can create the best camper. 

8. Camping Journal Page


It’s always fun to go back and see what kids actually loved about the camping trip. And who doesn’t love seeing their children’s handwriting change from year to year?! 

They might need some adult’s help if they are little and can’t write words yet. Or simply have them draw some pictures. 

9. Word Search


Introduce your younger kids to a word search with this fun camping-themed one. 

It can be tons of fun to have the older kids help the little ones find words if they can’t yet read. 

10. Mad Libs


Ready to laugh around the fire together? Try this camping mad libs! This one is definitely for the older kids age group, so you might need to wait until the little kids go to bed to enjoy it. 

Plus, the best laughs come later in the night when you’re camping! 

Accessing Your Printable

Ready to get your free camping activity book printable? 

Free Camping Activity Book Printable

Happy Camping!