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Free Printable Halloween Charades Game For All Ages

Do you love the classic game charades?  If so, this printable halloween charades game is perfect for you and your kids!  

It’s charades with a spooky twist which is PERFECT for this time of year!  Any game that has Addams family vibes is a win in my book and this game is nothing short of Halloween spirit. I’m a complete sucker for everything Halloween and once this time of year hits, I am on the hunt for all things Halloween! 

I love finding fun games for Halloween parities, family game night or Halloween night. What I love about charades is that it’s not only a fun game, but it’s perfect for the whole family! We started playing a variation of charades (modified quite a bit for a little one) with our son when he was three and he thought it was literally the bees knees.  

This fun Halloween game will be one of your favorites games this halloween season! 

How To Play Charades

If you played charades a million years ago and vaguely remember your brother swimming through the house as a dolphin, here is a quick refresher.  

The basic idea of the game is acting out whatever your card says so get ready to hone in on those acting skills. Once you have decided who is going to go first (I know in some households determining such a precious thing may be a game in itself!) the first person will draw one of the Halloween charades cards.  They will read it and then act out whatever it says without using any words.  

The rest of the players try to guess what they are acting out.  After someone figures out what they were acting as, a few things can happen.  The person who got it right can get a point if you’re keeping score, they could be the next person to draw a card and act it out, or you can have an order who goes next and follow that order. This part depends on you and your family.  If you are wanting to have a little friendly completion, add score keeping in there for fun.  

If you want to just enjoy the game and let everyone get equal turns, have an order you go in and cheer loudly when a person guesses it. You and your family can do whatever works for you!  

Here are a few more options when playing charades: 

1. You could form teams! This works great if you are doing this for a Halloween party or if your whole family is joining in.  If you are doing teams, the first team would draw their card and one player would act it out.  The only people that can guess the charade is people from the actor’s team. If someone from the team can guess correctly, the team gets a point. If they can’t guess it, the opposing team gets to have their turn.  

2. Playing with younger children. This is such a simple game and one that is perfect for kids of all ages.  A great way to play this game with younger kids is matching them up with an adult or older kids (think partner teams).  When the younger kid draws their charade, both the younger kid and the adult would act out the charade together. We use to do this with our son when he was little. We would have one parent act out with him while the other parent did the guessing.  Often, my little guy would mimic me but after playing a few times we started seeing him come up with his own ideas on how to act. This is such an easy way to include your little one in your family game and teach them how to play this fun family game!

Halloween Charades


This spooky game of charades comes with 36 different cards that are all things you might do in October or Halloween night.  The Halloween charades cards are orange and black and scream Halloween spirit!  

They will have you and your kids doing some funny halloween things like “stomping on a spider” or “turning into a werewolf”.  

To use this set of Halloween charade cards all you have to do is print them out (I recommend card stock so you can use them year after year), cut them out and fold each slip of paper in half.  

This is where you really get to have lots of fun- choosing your bowl or container to hold the game cards.  During the Halloween season, I love using a cauldron for as many things as I can, game cards included.  You could also steal your kids trick or treating basket or go easy and just use a zip lock bag- the options are endless.  After the game is prepped you are ready to play!  

This is the perfect game for a halloween party and you could even have kids (and adults) wear their halloween costumes to make it even more fun! If your using this for a Halloween party game, you can play multiple rounds of halloween charades by reusing the same cards after you have gone through them all.  

Some of the items might be easier to guess since players will know all the items on the cards, but when you’re playing with kids they don’t care and it makes it fun to see all the ways kids might act something out. This would also be a great game for a classroom Halloween party. 

Accessing This Printable

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The best part of subscribing is that you will get a weekly email with free pritnables, activities and games that you and your kids will love! They are always lots of fun and make parenting just a little bit easier.  

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If you play this with your family or kids and have any good ideas to share, we’d love to hear them! We hope you and your little goblins have the best Halloween and enjoy playing these fun and spooky games all Halloween season long!