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12 Signs Of Nesting In Pregnancy (Yes, It’s Real!)

If you are a first time parent, you might be wondering what all the talk about nesting is. Are people actually building a “human nest” for their new arrival? 

Not quite. 

In the last weeks of pregnancy, have you found yourself questioning what has happened to you recently? Usually, you don’t care much about the baseboards or meal prepping for weeks in advance. 

But now, you find yourself wanting to prepare every little detail of your life!

What Is Nesting?

 According to the American Pregnancy Association (also known as our friend the APA), nesting during pregnancy is the overwhelming biological urge to clean and organize EVERYTHING in preparation for a new baby to arrive in your home.

 And let me tell you– this is an extremely daunting yet important task. From collecting all the baby supplies for the baby’s room to scrubbing the grout in between every tile on your kitchen floor, don’t worry. 

It’s all normal and a part of this exciting time that means the end of pregnancy might be coming. HOORAY! 

Do All Pregnant Woman Nest?

 So… is it real? Is nesting a real early sign of labor? Or is it just an old wives’ tale? 

If you ask me, I 100% say that the nesting phase of pregnancy is hands down REAL. But, let’s take at some nesting statistics

We conducted a study with 363 participants that showed that almost half of these pregnant women had pregnancy nesting to a large extent. 

While it does seem fairly obvious that nesting is a common instinct, 23% of women felt that they have never nested before– meaning, it is real, but doesn’t happen to every expecting mama. 

So don’t worry if you aren’t feeling that urge to organize your entire home. You’re still normal even if you just have that nesting instinct to pack a hospital bag a couple of weeks before baby’s arrival. 

Signs Of Nesting In Pregnancy

Mom pictured prepping meals, cleaning, folding baby clothes and working on the nursery.

1. You Clean. Everything.

Yes. Yes. and Yes. 

You don’t want to bring baby home to a messy house that has even a little bit of dust on that ceiling fan. 

Because, let’s face it, that little person who has been alive for maybe 2 days is REALLY going to care about how clean the house is.

Ok, not really. But YOU are. 

So when your lower back starts hurting from wiping down every wall in the house, make sure to ask your hubby to do it. 

And remind him that you’ll sleep better at night (and not wake him up so much) knowing that those walls have been scrubbed clean! 

2. You Are Making Freezer Meals

Ok, these are actually practical. A few weeks before baby’s due date, a good idea is to come up with a bunch of meals that you love (and that can be frozen). 

Pick a Saturday where you and a friend can get together and prep some meals for once baby is here. 

I know, you think you’re superwoman and can make dinner when baby is napping . (your baby might want to nap on you!). Trust me, you’ll want to be sleeping or taking a bath during that precious time. 

You could even make a date out of it with your spouse if he’s awesome and will cook with you. 

Here is a great resource for freezer meal recipes that will SAVE YOU when you just can’t get yourself to make dinner (and it will help with that nesting urge). 

3. You Have Made A To-Do list For Everything 

Expectant mothers at the end of the third trimester shouldn’t have much energy left after growing a child for 9 months. FALSE. 

This sudden burst of energy that comes usually results in checklists GALORE. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed about all the things that “need” to get done before baby arrives (especially if this is your first pregnancy), make sure to check out this list of things to do before baby arrives

Don’t forget to make a to-do list for yourself though! Once that sweet baby is here, there won’t be a whole lot of time to pamper yourself. 
So remember that one of the most important things you can create is a “mom self-care” checklist to help you feel prepared for that big day! 

You can also take a look at this third-trimester checklist for those last minute things to buy before baby arrives. 

4. You Are Decluttering The Entire House

"Pregnancy Nesting: When a mom-to-be channels her inner Monica Geller on steroids.

There are all the sudden so many things you don’t need in your home, right? (We actually probably didn’t need them in the first place). 

But now that baby is coming, we have GOT to make room and get rid of some things! Load up the back of that car and take a few trips to your local Goodwill or DI. 

They will appreciate it and so will you.

5. You’re Buying Everything In Sight

What if you don’t have enough ibuprofen when baby comes? Probably stack up. 

What if the size of nursing bra doesn’t work once baby is here? Buy one in every size. 

You NEED new slippers and clothes if you’re going to have people come over to see the baby once he/she is born, right? 

Seriously, before my 3rd was born, I would go to the store on a mission to buy one thing. And I would come home with that one item, plus 5 more random things that we probably didn’t need but it sure felt like we did. 

6. You Clean Things You Never Cleaned Before

Are you spending time cleaning the back of your fridge? You know… like under the fruit and veggie drawers that maybe gets touched once a year? 

Definitely a sign of nesting! And hey, the tops of the doors could probably use some dusting every time a new baby joins the fam, too. 

7. Organizing Is Your New Hobby

You didn’t like organizing before pregnancy. 

But now it’s all you want to do, right? 

Before each of my kids came, I bought new organizers for a lot of the rooms. My favorite project we did was by far the craft closet!! 

Those are always monsters to tackle, but when nesting sets in you might as well put it to good use!

8. The Baby’s Nursery Must Be Finished ASAP

What if the baby arrives 4 weeks early?! Chances are you still have time, but it definitely happens that babies are born early ALL THE TIME. 

And once the nursery is done, don’t just check it off the list. 

Because if you finish it early enough, you’ll probably want to change things about it just because you still have time and are STILL nesting while you wait. 

Just for kicks and giggles… let’s see the difference between the first child and the third child when finishing the nursery… 

This was for baby #1. And to make the comparison even more drastic… 

I realized I didn’t even take a picture of our 3rd child’s “nursery” because it is in our room with a changing pad simply on top of our dresser! But I’m sure he’ll forgive me. 

9. You Have The Sudden Urge To Rearrange Furniture

Your house needs a makeover! 

It all looks boring and the same, so change it! Let that urge drive you to rearrange the house a bit in preparation for the baby’s arrival! (and bonus.. you get to boss your husband around to move things and he can count it as his workout for the day. WAHOO!) 

10. You Don’t Want To Leave Your House

The baby might come ANY second. So you probably will have the urge to just stay home and be close to the hospital just in case baby comes. 

And there is nothing wrong with that! 

11. You Detailed Your Car

Baby has to have a luxury ride home from the hospital, right? Whether you do it at home or take it to a car wash, this is a must on the before baby arrives list! 

12. Your Hospital Bag Is Immaculately Packed

This will probably happen at least a week in advance. For me, it has always been 3 weeks before my due date just simply because I was in the nesting phase. 

Whenever it happens for you is great (even if it’s the night before). You will probably want it to have everything perfectly placed too. 

Just know that once baby arrives… anything that is “perfectly placed” will be thrown out the window because kids love to put a new fun twist on life. 

But at least the fridge will be clean for a few weeks.

Enjoy this time of nesting and let it drive you to do things you haven’t done before so that you feel ready for the arrival of your sweet baby. Before you know it, he/she will be here! 


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