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100 Funny Would You Rather Questions For Students

A really fun way to get to know your students is to ask them would you rather questions.  This could be a great rainy day activity when everyone is stuck inside and tired of playing the same board game or just needs a break!  

It can also be a great way to end the school day or a way to fill short periods of time that might otherwise might go to waste. 

Start off with some silly questions that could lead to some amazing clues as to what is going on in the minds of your amazing students.  

The more you know about the children in your classroom, the easier it can be to relate to them and ultimately be able to teach them.

Would you rather questions are also great conversation starters, especially for students who may be shy and take a little longer to show their personality.  There are several different categories of questions to choose from below.

Would You Rather Questions For Students

Students standing in front of their school smiling

Questions About Learning

1.Would you rather study from a book or from the Internet?

2.Would you rather have a strict teacher or a relaxed one?

3.Would you rather have a lot of homework and do well in school or have no homework and do badly?

4.Would you rather your grades be based on tests or projects?

5.Would you rather study by yourself or with a group of friends?

6.Would you rather get your work done right away or put it off until the last minute?

7.Would you rather have a difficult class with a great teacher or an easy class with a not-so-great teacher?

8.Would you rather learn through visual aids or by listening to someone talk?

9.Would you rather learn by doing something or having someone show you how to do something?

10.Would you rather learn from home or in a classroom?

11.Would you rather be a teacher or a student?

12.Would you rather have group projects or a project you completed on your own?

Questions About Math


1.Would you rather have math class early in the morning or late in the afternoon?

2.Would you rather use a calculator or solve math problems on paper?

3.Would you rather do 100 addition problems or 10 word problems?

4.Would you rather always have to count with your fingers or always have to solve simple problems on paper?

5.Would you rather add or subtract?

6.Would you rather multiply or divide?

7.Would you rather use fractions or whole numbers?

8.Would you rather learn about geometry or trigonometry?

9.Would you rather have a pencil that is 10 centimeters long or 10 meters long?

10.Would you rather run 10 miles or 10 kilometers?

Science Would You Rather


1. Would you rather have tiny feet or giant feet?

2. Would you rather have an extra ear or an extra nose?

3. Would you rather eat spicy food or your least favorite food for the rest of your life?

4.Would you rather study animals in a book or study them in their habitat?

5.Would you rather explore space or the deep ocean?

6.Would you rather learn about dinosaurs or modern day animals?

7.Would you rather study caves or cloud patterns?

8.Would you rather be a biologist or a paleontologist?

9.Would you rather discover an ancient civilization or a new species of animal?

10.Would you rather learn how to create a video game or learn how to make slime?

Would You Rather Questions For Elementary Students

1. Would you rather eat peanut butter or french fries?

2 Would you rather have huge hands or bad breath?

3.Would you rather eat rotten eggs or cat food?

4. Would you rather have a pet dog or a pet snake?

5.Would you rather see a baby shark or a pet dragon?

6.Would you rather play a musical instrument or sing?

7.Would you rather eat your favorite food or try a new food each day?

8.Would you rather have every day be Halloween or Easter?

9.Would you rather be very tiny or a giant?

10.Would you rather have 10 siblings or be an only child?

11.Would you rather loose your sense of taste or sense of smell?

12.Would you prefer to make your own food for the rest of your life or eat junk food for the rest of your life?

13.Would you rather own a magic carpet or an amusement park?

14.Would you rather eat ice cream for the rest of your life or hot dogs for the rest of your life?

15.Would you rather swim in the ocean or fly in the sky?

16.Would you rather but hot sauce or syrup on everything you ate?

17.Would you rather celebrate the same holidays or come up with a new holiday?

18.Would you rather eat a whole lemon or a whole onion?

19.Would you rather eat dog food or cat food?

Questions For Middle Schoolers

1. Would you rather have curly hair or straight hair?

2. Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or be a famous singer?

3. Would you rather be a famous inventor or the richest person in the country?

4. Would you rather ride a roller coaster or in a hot air balloon?

5. Would you rather live at the north pole or on a deserted island?

6.Would you rather be tall or short?

7.Would you rather hang out with your friends or make a new student feel welcome?

8.Would you rather a few really good friends or many acquaintances?

9.Would you rather drink juice or milk for the rest of your life?

10.Would you rather eat salty food or sweet food?

11 Would you rather be able to read any language or be able to read people’s minds?

12. Would you rather visit a water park or a haunted house?

13. Would you rather be the oldest sibling or youngest sibling in your family?

14. Would you rather live in a tree house or a big house?

15. Would you rather time travel to the future or to the past?

16.Would you rather have long hair or short hair?

17.Would you rather be in your favorite video game for a day or your favorite tv show for a day?

Questions For High School Students

1. Would you rather be a police officer or the president of the United States?

2. Would you rather be the inventor of a new sport or be the best player in a sport that already existed?

3. Would you rather be a famous actor or the fastest person in the country?

4. Would you rather be an amazing photographer or a famous dancer?

5. Would you rather have a flying car or a hang glider?

6.Would you rather be a kid or a grownup?

7.Would you rather talk or do most of the listening?

8.Would you rather know what will happen in the future or be surprised by it?

9. Would you rather go to school or travel after you graduate?

10.Would you rather wake up early or stay up late every day?

11.Would you rather have a phone that never ran out of battery or a car that never ran out of gas?

12. Would you rather live in the same place for the rest of your life or live in a different country for the rest of your life?

13. Would you rather have a conversation with your future self or your past self?

14.Would you rather have your dream job where you live now, or a job that is not your dream job in a different city?

15. Would you rather be the worst player on a winning team or the best player on a losing team?

16. Would you rather have lots of friends or one best friend?

17.Would you rather trade places with your favorite celebrity or a polar bear for a day?

18.Would you rather go on a long road trip or a long airplane ride?

End Of The School Year Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather jump on a trampoline or jump off of a diving board?

2. Would you rather fly a kite or blow bubbles?

3. Would you rather watch fireworks or watch a parade?

4. Would you rather play with the hose or with a sprinkler?

5. Would you rather roast marshmallows or make an ice cream sundae?

6. Would you rather build a sandcastle or collect sea shells?

7. Would you rather swim in a cold pool or sit in a hot tub?

8. Would you rather eat corn on the cob or a hot dog?

9. Would you rather eat ice cream or a popsicle?

10. Would you rather have one bee sting or ten mosquito bites?

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Please remember that not all children want to share right away.  Forcing an answer will be uncomfortable all around and may make some kids feel pressured and ultimately they will shut down.

That is obviously the opposite of what you want!  Try to make these questions as fun and relaxed as possible.

You could incorporate them into your daily routine, like right before lunch or as a way to fill a small space of time that may not be enough for a lesson. 

It is also paramount to have positive reactions to any answers you may receive, not matter how strange (and they might be super strange!) they may end up being!

In the end, kids are developing into their individual personalities and all deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness.  Letting them express themselves freely is as important as any subject matter they learn about.

Lastly, enjoy learning about your students and appreciate this precious time that you all have together!

And as always, you’ve got this!


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