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36 Adorable Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Throwing a baby shower can be so much fun and such a sweet thing to do for a mama-to-be.  I remember my baby shower so well and all the joy I felt getting to celebrate my sweet little boy with all of my dearest family and friends. It’s a memory that all mama’s cherish and picking the theme is such a special part of the day. These ideas are all so sweet and there is something for everyone! 

Best Baby Shower Theme Ideas

1. Winnie-The-Pooh

yellow and white Winnie the Pooh theme

Photo credit: JC Events

This classic baby shower theme is aways adorable and one of my favorites!  It’s perfect for a little girl or little boy and has the most adorable pictures of Winnie-the-Pooh.  I love how soft and gentle the colors are and you could easily add some Winnie-the-Pooh books as a centerpiece at each table. This is such a great way to welcome any sweet baby and to shower their mama in love!

2. Oh Baby, You Give Us Butterflies

pink butterfly theme

Photo credit: Mona’s Touch Of Confetti

What an adorable theme for a little girl shower! I love all the different shades of pink and decorating a shower with butterflies is so easy and cute! Keep butterflies as the main decoration and add pink balloons and table cloths to make this party perfect. This is such a great option for a mama looking for something unique and fun and the perfect way to welcome a bundle of joy. 

3. A Little Wildflower Is On The Way

If you are looking for a cute theme with bright colors and flowers everywhere, this is the perfect theme for you!  This whimsical theme would be a great option during summer months or even spring time and would work inside or outside.  I love the idea of having fresh flowers as the main decoration and having them in mason jars would be super cute!  A fun activity to do with guest would be to make flower crowns or their own flower arrangement.  

4. Rainbow

Rainbows are such a popular choice right now and I can see why! They bring so much joy, have the best color scheme and are gender neutral.  This theme would be so easy to decorate for and would be a really special way to welcome a mama’s rainbow baby. You could decorate with the classic bright rainbow colors or go for a pastel rainbow for a lighter feel. I love this happy and joyful theme and know you will too! 

5. You Are My Sunshine

Even to this day I still sing this sweet song to my son so this fun idea is one of my favorites!  You could easily make the “You Are My Sunshine” banner the main focus and decorate with some cute yellow colors, sunshines and could reuse some of them in the nursery.  

6. Little Cutie On The Way

This might actually be the cutest little baby shower!  I love the play on words with cutie oranges and how easy the decorations would be.  All you need is shades of orange for the balloons, table cloths and decor with cut outs of little cutie oranges and a banner with “Little cutie on the way”. 

7. Baby In Bloom

Looking for the sweetest spring baby shower theme?  This baby in bloom theme is the perfect option! I love the idea of bring in blooming flowers and decorating in pastel or light colors.  This would be a really cute garden party, but could be just as adorable inside!  Add tea light candles and mason jars and your mama to be will love how joyful and sweet this theme is! 

8. Once Upon A Time

What a cute theme for a book lover!  This adorable theme would be so easy to do! Grab all your favorite fairy tales as centerpieces, pink decorations, crowns, castles and anything else you can find that has a fairy tale vibe.  This is an adorable way to welcome a little princess into the world and shower the mama with all the fairy tale love! 

9. Aloha Baby

cookies of tropical shirts and pineapples

Photo credit: The Baking Flutist

What a fun and unique themed shower!  This is such a great baby shower theme for any mama who loves that tropical vibe and would be so cute to decorate for!  I love the pineapples, flowers and big palm leaves and adding some island vibe music would create such an inviting and fun atmosphere! You could even have your guests dress like they are going to a Luau!

10. Here Comes The Son

sun theme with yellow, blue and orange accents

Photo credit: MC Decorations

Are you throwing a shower for a mama expecting a sweet little baby boy? This baby shower idea is for you!  With the cutest play off the popular Beatles song, a “Here Comes The Son”  theme is such a clever way to welcome a baby boy! The fun colors and cute sun decorations will brighten any space and all you need is yellow, orange and blue balloons and some cute suns and you are ready to welcome that baby boy! 

11. Woodland

woodland themed cookies with hedgehogs, foxes and pine trees

Photo credit: My Cookie Space

Woodland is such a cute theme! I love all of the sweet little animals and the woods and trees make this such an adorable shower.  This would be so cute to do for a mama that has planned a woodland baby’s nursery too. I loved being able to use some of the decorations from our baby shower in my sons room and this theme could easily be reused in a nursery. All you need is green, brown and yellow decorations (think nature colors) and woodland animals. This is such a fun way to welcome a sweet new baby!

12. Tea Party


Photo credit: Saudia Anasha Joaquin-Sadik

I LOVE the idea of having a tea party for a baby shower! This is the perfect baby shower theme for a summer or spring baby and would be so fun to decorate for!  The party could be indoors or outdoors and could have the tea party food for snacks (think cucumber sandwiches, scones) and a variety of tea to drink.  The decorations could really be any color and is gender neutral so it’s perfect for a baby girl or little boy.

13. New Cowboy In Town

Is your mama to be welcoming a new little cowboy? Then this is the perfect theme!  Grab some cowboy boots, brown decorations, hay bails and anything else with a western cowboy vibe and you are ready for the most darling little cowboy baby shower!  Want to put an extra spin on it? Have cowboy hats for all your guests to wear! 

14. Little Pumpkin

theme with hay, pumpkins and orange balloons

Photo credit: Jlunas Party Ideas

For all those October baby showers, this adorable “little pumpkin” theme is for you!  I love the idea of embracing the season/month and having fall color balloons with pumpkins all over for decorations.  This would be super cute inside or outside or even in a barn (think wedding style barn).  Bring in some haystacks, apple cider and some yummy fall treats and you are ready for the perfect fall baby shower! 

15. Brewing A Baby

shower sign with a glass of beer and a baby bottle that says "a baby is brewing"

Photo credit: Gol’s Art Decorations

If your looking for a theme to shower both new parents, this is the perfect one! Couple showers can be a great way to gather all of your family and friends and include the daddy-to-be. We went this route with our baby shower and I loved that my husband got to enjoy the party with me and that our mutual male friends could come too!  Plus, throwing in a brew makes this party even more fun! Decoration wise, the theme itself lends to the decorations and the banner would be the source of inspiration for what colors you decorate with. 

16. Bee Theme


Photo credit: Eve’s Custom Cookies

Could this BEE a cuter theme!?  I love the bright yellow colors and adorable little bees!  This is a great shower idea for little boys or girls and is perfect for spring or summer showers when flowers are blooming.  Take this shower outside for a garden party and decorate with yellow streamers, little bees and a ton of balloons in all different yellow shades.  This will BEE the sweetest little bee party!

17. Jungle Theme


Photo credit: Yes Event Decor

This adorable jungle theme is so much fun!  I love the nature colors and think it would be fun to mix it with a safari theme and have safari animals as decorations.  Add some big palm leaves and green streamers and a green balloon arch and you are ready!  This would be darling for a mama who is doing a jungle nursery, I always love when pieces of the shower can be reused in the nursery.  Have a roar with this great baby shower theme! 

18. Taco ‘Bout A Baby

Anything with taco in it has me sold and this shower does not disappoint! I love how easy food would be at this party (taco bar of course) and that it could be for both parents and all of their friends and family. For decorations, all you need is bright color decorations and anything taco related (cactus, avocados etc.) and you are ready for the cutest taco party! 

19. Sweet As Can Bee/Mommy To Bee

Looking for a sweet and calming baby shower? This is the perfect one for your mommy to bee!  The soft white and yellow colors make this party so joyful and easy to decorate for.  Add some bees and flowers and this party is ready!

20. Baby It’s Cold Outside

Expecting a winter bundle of joy? This theme is for you! This adorable twist on the old favorite song is so cute and easy to decorate for.  Grab all the winter blue shades you can find, add some snowflakes, fairy lights and anything that sparkles to make this winter shower magical. Add a fun drink to the shower by having a hot chocolate bar for your guests!

21. Ahoy, It’s A Boy

Looking for the cutest way to welcome the littlest sailor? This adorable “ahoy, it’s a boy” is the perfect baby shower. To decorate, all you need is all shades of blue, anything nautical and your sea themed baby shower is ready to go!

22. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

This magical baby shower is such a fun and original shower that is perfect for boys and girls.  I love how sweet and darling this shower is with white balloons as clouds and stars and moons for decorations.  You could do a white color palette or go with a blue and black space color themed, either way this shower is sure to be adorable!

23. Our Greatest Adventure

For the adventurous, traveling loving mama to be this is the perfect option! This would be a great theme for a couple shower too.  Decorations for this theme can vary based on your mama to be’s likes, but I love the mountains, maps, hot air balloon and outdoor feel for this theme. This is another shower that could be indoors or outdoors based on the time of the year and is completely gender neutral.  

24. Under The Sea

This under the sea themed baby shower is so easy and perfect for baby girls and boys. This theme could either be more magical with mermaid decorations or more traditional with shells and sea animals; either way it’s adorable! 

25. Donuts And Diapers

I love any party that has a food in the name and this donuts and diapers theme does not disappoint! What a cute way to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy!  Decorating for this party really just requires donuts and diapers and anything else your heart desires. It’s the perfect shower for couples and is gender neutral. It would be easy to have indoors or outdoors and you could have so much fun with donut and diaper games.  A donut bar would be the perfect sweet treat and you could have your guests bring you diapers for a diaper drawing (this is a great way to try out a ton of different brands). 

26. We Can Bearly Wait

This bear themed baby shower is the cutest!  You could use teddy bears as centerpieces or different bear board books.  You could match the color theme to whatever color your “We Can Bearly Wait” banner is. It’s perfect for boys and girls and will be a darling way to celebrate your mama to be!

27. Apple Of Our Eye

This is the perfect theme for a fall baby shower. You could have an apple dessert table (think Carmel apples, apple cookies, apple pie), apple decorations and either a red or checkered color theme. This would be really cute inside or outside and would be perfect for either gender.  If you wanted to get a little apple crazy, you could even have apple themed games like bobbing for apples or apple tasting and guests could make their own caramel apples.   

28. Over The Moon


Photo credit: Celeste Creations

This “over the moon” shower is magical. The gold and white color scheme is so pretty and adding a big balloon banner would make this even more special. You could get moon confetti, tea lights and fairy lights to make this party really sparkle. This is a shower that your soon to be mama will never forget!

29. The Cutest Catch


Photo credit: Sweet Crumb Bakery

This fishing themed baby shower is perfect for welcoming a sweet little boy.  This could be a couples shower or just a mama’s shower and would work indoors or outdoors.  The decorations could be all things fishing related and center around the banner.  

30. Ladybug Theme

This theme is always darling and many of the decorations could be reused in a nursery.  A tablescape of black and red, with little ladybugs and a balloon arch would be the perfect decorations for your little ladybug!

31. Little Peanut Baby Elephant Theme

This baby elephant theme is such a precious choice for a baby shower!  Decorate this sweet party with a “little peanut” banner, pastel colors and little baby elephants. For a fun snack, you could have peanuts.

32. Our Little Boo

I think tying the season with your baby shower is so much fun when it lands in October! Decorate this spooky party with black and orange and cute ghosts and of course pumpkins! Guest could paint pumpkins during the party and your decorations could stay up for the month of October.

33. You’re One In A Melon

This melon baby shower is darling and would be so fun! Your main centerpiece could be melon art (if you are pretty crafty) and all the decorations could be pink with melons.  

34. BaByQ

A summer baby shower would not be complete without a BabyQ!  This is the perfect shower for couples and would be perfect outside as a picnic BBQ!  Decorate in checkered table cloths and have all the best BBQ foods out for this cute baby shower!

35. Sweet As A Peach

Another fun play on words, this peach themed baby shower is perfect for your sweet mama-to-be! Decorate with all different shades of pink, orange and peach cutouts.  Add mason jars with tea lights and of course have peach desserts.

36. Very Hungry Caterpillar

This classic book makes for the cutest baby shower and nursery theme!  Decorate with copies of the book and reds and greens.  Make your cupcakes into a caterpillar or create a caterpillar balloon art on the main wall.  You could also have some of the foods from the book for your guests to eat. 

37. Peter Rabbit


Photo credit: Bazarika

I absolutely adore this classic baby shower theme! Add a white picket fence and garden style decorations with a pastel color scheme for a spring or summer shower. This sweet theme is perfect for indoors or outdoors and would be adorable as a garden party. You could use Peter Rabbit board books as centerpieces for this classic baby shower theme.

I hope you found the perfect baby shower theme with all these ideas! Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite and if you used one of them as inspiration!  Looking for more things baby related? Check out these baby shower scavenger hunts for any theme or these adorable unborn baby quotes.