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120 Car Ride Trivia Questions For The Whole Family

Long car rides can be a lot of fun, right?!  Well, no one knows better than you how much time and effort you put into making sure they are mostly fun for your family.

You make sure that everyone has all of their clothes and various toiletries packed.  You pack the snacks that they consume during the trip.

You remind your children that they may pack some (not all!) of their favorite toys and stuffed animals to join them on the trip.

You are the one who makes sure all the fun road trip games are packed, loaded and ready to go.  

You make sure to have downloaded Finding Nemo or whichever cartoon your kids love to watch on repeat! 

You have the list of all the stops and landmarks to see along the way and you are your family’s personal travel agent for where you will be sleeping every night.

It is a process that starts with a list a mile long and can take several weeks to perfect.  

And then, even when you have wrangled everyone into the car, your family members “remind” you that you have forgotten something!

Take a deep breath.  Feel better?  I hope you do, because if you are reading this article, you are looking for some help for your next road trip.

I have good news for you: we’ve got you covered!  

Below we have compiled a list of fun trivia questions and answers that will help keep your family entertained no matter how far you are driving!

These questions are a great way to spend time together on road trips and learn a little something along the way.

Car Ride Trivia Questions And Answers


This list of trivia questions will help get you all the way across the United States if needed! 

There are several categories here and they include:

Geography Trivia

Landmark Trivia

Food Trivia

Transportation Trivia

Summer Trivia

Popular Vacation Spot Trivia

While we are calling them car ride trivia questions, they can also be used for an amazing family trivia night.

The best part?  Having fun while learning!

Geography Trivia

1. What is the tallest mountain in the world?  Answer: Mount Everest

2. What is the longest river in the world?  Answer: The Nile River

3. Through how many states does the Mississippi River run?  Answer: Ten States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana

4. How big is the Grand Canyon?  Answer: 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and over a mile deep

5. What is the smallest country in the world?  Answer: Vatican City

6. What park is located 96% in Wyoming, 3% in Montana, 1% in Idaho?  Answer: Yellowstone National Park

7. With what country does Canada share the longest land border in the world?  Answer: North America

8. What is the smallest state in the United States?  Answer: Rhode Island

9. How long across is Lake Superior?  Answer: 70 miles

10. Where is the deepest part of the ocean?  Answer: In the western Pacific Ocean

11. What is Tahiti’s most famous island?  Answer:  Bora Bora

12. What is the capital city of Japan?  Answer: Tokyo

13. What are the names of the five oceans?  Answer: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern

14. What planet is closest to Earth?  Answer: Venus

15. What is the largest island in the world?  Answer: Greenland

16. What are the seven continents in the world?  Answer: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia

17. Which direction do latitude lines run on a globe? Answer: Left to right 

18. What do you call smaller rivers that flow into another river? Answer: Tributaries

19. In what ocean is the Bermuda Triangle located? Answer: Atlantic Ocean 

20. What do you call a chain of mountains? Answer: A range

Landmark Trivia

1. In what city can you find the Golden Gate Bridge?  Answer: San Francisco

2. In what state is Mount Rushmore located?  Answer: South Dakota

3. The Great Barrier Reef is found in what country?  Answer: Australia

4. What famous landmark can you find in New York City?  Answer:  The Statue of Liberty

5. In which African country is Mount Kilimanjaro located?  Answer: Tanzania 

6. What is the tallest structure in Paris?  Answer: The Eiffel Tower

7. What is the largest planet in our solar system?  Answer: Jupiter

8. What is at the bottom of Lake Superior?  Answer: The SS Arlington, a steamship that sank there in 1940

9. Where was the Harry Potter movie series mostly filmed?  Answer: In England, Scotland and Wales

10. In what state is Harvard University located?  Answer: Massachusetts

11. Where can you find Old Faithful Geyser?  Answer: Yellowstone National Park

12. What city in Louisiana is nicknamed The Big Easy?  Answer: New Orleans

13. Which long river flows through London, England?  Answer: The Thames River

14. In which country are the Great Pyramids of Giza located?  Answer: Egypt

15. What river flows through the Grand Canyon?  Answer: The Colorado River   

17. Which country has the most volcanos?  Answer: Indonesia

18. What is the name of the largest waterfall in the world?  Answer: Victoria Falls

19. Mount Fuji is the highest point located in which country? Answer: Japan 

20. What is the name of the biggest desert in the world? Answer: Sahara Desert

Food Trivia

1. What condiment was used for medicinal purposes in the 1800’s?  Answer: Ketchup

2. Where does German chocolate cake come from?  Answer: Dallas, Texas

3. Which country drinks the most coffee in pounds per year?  Answer: Finland

4. What is the most purchased chocolate bar in the world?  Answer: Snickers

5. What is the only fruit with seeds on the outside?  Answer: Strawberry

6. What is the most eaten food in the entire world?  Answer: Rice

7. What was the first food ever planted in space?  Answer: The Potatoe

8. What vitamin do oranges have a lot of?  Answer: Vitamin C

9. In what country were French fries invented?  Answer: Belgium

10. What happens if you put old eggs in water?  Answer: They float

11. What do you call a dried plum?  Answer: A prune

12. Which fruit has a hard exterior and milk on the inside?  Answer: A coconut

13. What does BLT stand for?  Answer: A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich

14. Which country drinks the most tea per person?  Answer: Turkey

15. Where does honey come from?  Answer: Bees

16. Which country is the largest producer of coffee?  Answer: Brazil

17. Which country is the world’s largest producer of bananas?  Answer: India

18. What type of food is bratwurst?  Answer: German sausage

19. Where country did kiwifruit originally come from?  Answer: China

20. What percentage of cucumber is water?  Answer 96%

Transportation Trivia

1. What is the longest train route in the world?  Answer: The Trans-Siberian Railway

2. When was the stop sign first used?  Answer: 1915

3. What are the two ways people travel by in Venice, Italy?  Answer: By foot and by boat

4. How many wheels did the first car have?  Answer: Three

5. How many days does it take to cross the United States by train?  Answer: Between two and three days

6. What is the most famous cycling event in the world?  Answer: The Tour de France

7. How much does the world’s most expensive car cost?  Answer: 48 Million dollars

8. When did the first successful powered flight take place?  Answer: 1903

9. What is the oldest underground railway system in the world?  Answer: The London Underground

10. What was the name of the first successful steam powered locomotive?  Answer: The Rocket

11.What engineering marvel connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean?  Answer: The Panama Canal

12. Approximately when was the wheel invented?  Answer: 3500 BC

13. What was the name of the luxury train service that ran from 1883 to 2009?  Answer: The Orient Express

14. When did the Bullet Train (Shinkansen) in Japan start its operation?  Answer: 1964

15. What form of transportation did people use before cars were invented?  Answer: Horse and buggy

16. What do you call a human made channel built for ships to pass through or as a means to get water for irrigation? Answer: Canal

17. What is a form of human powered transportation with two tires?  Answer: Bike

18. What type of transportation is London famous for?  Answer: Red Double Decker Buses

19. What was the first train powered by?  Answer: Steam

20. What was the name of one of the first ships to have a telephone system and electric lights in every room?  Answer: The Titanic

Summer Trivia

1. What Latin words mean summer break?  Answer: Aestas Confractus

2. What is one thing that squirrels use their tails for in the summer?  Answer: To protect themselves from the sun.

3. What is one animal that hibernates during the summer?  Answer: The Crocodile

4. In which country do people celebrate the start of summer by jumping over fires?  Answer: Spain

5. Who is the summer month of July named after?  Answer: The Roman emperor Julius Caesar

6. What was the hottest summer temperature ever recorded in the United States?  Answer: 134 °F (recorded in Death Valley, CA, in July 1913).

7. In what month are you most likely to see the Perseid meteor shower? Answer: August

8. What does the human body do to cool down when it is too hot?  Answer: It sweats

9. What does the earth revolve around?  Answer: The sun

10.What kind of ice cream did George Washington like to eat?  Answer: Parmesan ice cream

11.What date is the official start of summer in the northern hemisphere?  Answer: June 21

12. Which summer month is known for Independence Day in the United States? Answer: July

13. What is a flower that is commonly associated with summer?  Answer: The Sunflower

14. Which summer month is named for the Roman emperor Augustus?  Answer: August

15. In which month does the summer season begin for countries in the Southern Hemisphere?  Answer: December

16. In what season were the first modern day Olympics held?  Answer: Summer

17. Where does the sun never set during the summer months?  Answer: The Arctic Circle

18. What famous structure gets taller in the summer heat?  Answer: The Eiffel Tower

19. Where do Monarch butterflies migrate to in the summer?  Answer: North America

20. Which summer month is National Ice Cream month?  Answer: July

Popular Vacation Spot Trivia

1. Where can you go to visit Snow White?  Answer: Walt DIsney World

2. Who built the Eiffel Tower?  Answer: Gustave Eiffel

3. How many earthquakes has the Leaning Tower of Pisa survived?  Answer: It has survived four earthquakes

4. What castle in Germany was used by Walt Disney as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle?  Answer: Neuschwanstein

5. What famous structure took over 2,000 years to construct?  Answer: The Great Wall of China

6. Which state was the last of the thirteen colonies to become a state?  Answer: Rhode Island

7. What kind of animal is native only to Australia?  Answer:  The Kangaroo

8. About how many Greek words are used in the English language?  Answer: About 150,000

9. What were the first words Mickey Mouse ever said in a cartoon?  Answer:  Hot dogs!

10. Where is Machu Picchu located?  Answer: South America

11.What animal will you not find in the Florida Keys?  Answer: The Sea Otter

12. What is the name of the biggest volcano in Hawaii?  Answer:  Mauna Loa

13. What kid’s amusement park can you find in Carlsbad, California?  Answer: Legoland

14. Where can you find the famous Big Ben Clocktower?  Answer: London, England

15. In what city can you find the Empire State Building?  Answer:  New York, New York 

16. What famous square is visited by approximately 50 million people each year?  Answer: Times Square

17. Which of the seven wonders of the world can be found in India?  Answer: The Taj Mahal

18. What national park in the United States is home to the tallest trees on Earth?  Answer: The Redwood National Park

19. What is the name of the largest palace complex in the world?  Answer:  The Forbidden City, located in China

20. What are the building of the Athens Acropolis mostly made of?  Answer:  White Marble

I really enjoy trivia games because they combine fun with learning!  

Not only do you have a great way to pass the many hours of a car ride, but the entire family has a chance to learn more about the world.

That is the type of multitasking we can all use more of, right?

Another wonderful thing about trivia is how it can spark some really interesting conversations and lead to more learning and fun!

While road trips can feel VERY long sometimes, the more you can distract everyone from being stuck in a car, the more you can enjoy just being together.

Most of us imagine that the vacation part of our trip does not start until we reach our destination.

It would be so great if it felt like a vacation from the start because everyone is having so much fun during the car ride.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture your family having a great time with these trivia questions in the car.

If you can imagine it, you can accomplish it!  And, as always, you’ve got this!