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Super Fun Fashion Show Pretend Play Printables

Do you have kids who LOVE pretend play? Pretend play is so much fun for kids and really allows them to explore their own creativity and imaginations. 

What I love about pretend play is that there are no limits on where the idea can go and kids can really take time to explore new ideas and try new things through pretend play!

If you are looking for the most adorable pretend play printables, then these Fashion Show printables are for you!  They are the full package deal when it comes to printables and has everything you need for your little one to put on their very OWN fashion show!

Fashion Show Pretend Play Printables 


These cute printables come with everything your kiddo will need to throw the most AMAZING fashion show!  Here is a run down of all the parts: 

  • “Welcome to the Fashion Fiesta” sign 
  • Invitations for the guest that say “Come to the fashion fiesta today at ___” with a spot for your kiddo to fill in the time. 
  • A sign that says “Fashion Fiesta Entrance fee” and cut out admission wrist bracelets for each guest to wear once their tickets have been purchased
  •  Fashion Fiesta Scoring Card with fun categories like “outfit creativity” and “outfit style” and a 1-5 score ranking system
  • Adorable certificates for the 1st and 2nd place winners

How To Use Printables

As far as printables go, these cute Fashion show printables take hardly any prep! 

*Print out each printable in color on cardstock. Cardstock is nice because it’s much more durable and can be used again and again. This will be worth it because our kiddos will want to play fashion show multiple times!! 

*Get all the pieces cut out. If your kiddo is old enough, I would involve them in this step!  

*Once everything is printed and cut, it’s time for a fashion show!  The only other supply your kiddo will need is tape or something to use to fasten the admittance bracelets. 

Fashion Show Suggestions


Throwing a fashion show is so much fun and one I distinctly remember doing as a kid!  I absolutely loved putting cute outfits together and then showcasing them off to whoever’s attention I was able to get. 

Truth be told, whenever I buy new clothes as an adult, I still love to come home and try them all on in my own little mini fashion show (that my husband occasionally gets dragged into). 

My point is, fashion shows are so fun and can be done again and again!  If this is your kiddos first time throwing a fashion show or if you want some fun ideas on how to use these printables, check out these suggestions: 

*Location, location location! But really! Your kiddo will want to choose a location for their fabulous fashion show!  Their room or the living room make great spots.  Having a hallway or area to walk down really heightens the fashion show vibes!  Once the location is chosen, they can set up the space with the printable posters (included), chairs, scoring cards and a place for admission.  

*After this, they can send out their invitation cards and add in the time they are planning on having this fashion event!

*Now it’s time for your kiddo to choose the outfits for the fashion show.  This might take them some time and is a great way for them to explore their own fashion sense and try new things out! Encourage them to lay out each outfit on their bed or floor so they can see each outfit and plan the order of them.  They should have a few outfits ready for the fashion show.

*After the outfits are picked out and the location is set up, it’s time for them to pick their music. No fashion show is complete without music.  Encourage them to pick their favorite songs and have fun picking.  This pretend play activity is such a great one because it really gives your kiddo a chance to explore their own likes and share them with you! 

*Fashion show time! Your kiddo will be at the admissions to take your “money” and give you an admissions bracelet. Once you are settled in your seat, your child will give you a score card and some type of writing utensils so that you can rate each outfit/model as they come.  After everyone is settled and ready, your kiddo can get the music going and run back to change for their first outfit.  If a sibling/friend is doing this with your kiddo, they could have them ready to go and be the first one out while your kiddo changes.  

*Due to this being absolutely an adorable event, you might want to set up a camera to film it.  This would be fun for your kiddo to watch later and will be priceless when they are an adult!  

*After all the models have shown off their outfits, it’s time to add up the scores. The highest score receives the 1st place certificate and the runner up gets the 2nd place certificate.  If you have more than one of your own participating and want to print out more than one 1st certificate, that is a great option! 

Another way to use these printables: 

*Your child could throw a fashion fiesta with their dolls or barbies! It would be the same format as above, but they would prepare their barbies or dolls in their outfits and then have them be the models for the show.  This is a fun way to include their toys in the mix.  

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