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70 Photography Activities For Kids- Fun, Simple Ideas

I remember letting my son look at my cell phone when he was about three years old, and he immediately found a function on my camera phone that I did not even know existed!

It was amazing to me that he was able to figure out something like that at such a young age.  Since then, his photography skills have continued to improve.  

Now, one of my child’s favorite toys is a camera that he uses often to take pictures; usually of someone making a silly face or of his toys!

While I myself have learned some basic photography skills, I still believe the best way to foster an interest in taking photos for young photographers is to start with creative photography projects and let kids explore first.

If they enjoy themselves with that, then it might be a good time to introduce them to the basic concepts of photography.  One of many fun ways to introduce kids to photography is to have them participate in a photo challenge.

A photo challenge involves taking photos of various subjects in many different and creative ways that helps someone learn more about the art of photography.  

This could be a great summer activity. It is like a preview of what you and your camera can do! 

This not only lets them learn about how to use a camera, but also allows them to tap into their amazing creative side by challenging their minds.  

Photography Activities For Kids

Girl looking through camera lens

So, you have set up your child with an age-appropriate camera that can accidentally be dropped without breaking, now what?  Start with letting your child lead the way on what they would like to take pictures of.

If they are anything like my son, they will probably start with taking pictures of you, themselves, their pets and toys.  Let them explore and take all the silly pictures they would like to take.

It is great to live in a time where you are able to see pictures right away and be able to take quite a few without worrying about wasting film!  Let them see their pictures and talk about them and what they notice about each image.

If your child is at a loss for what to take pictures of, we have a list below that can start up some creative photography.

Your child might need help with some of these suggestions, but for the most part, he or she should be able to complete most of these photography challenges on their own if they chose. 

Let them choose if they want this to be a solitary activity, or if they would like company.  

It is good to remember that each child has their own personality and while some prefer company, others may appreciate the quiet solitude that can accompany photography.

Ideas For Completing This Photo Challenge:


1. Take a close-up photo of a flower.

2. Take a photo of one of your favorite things.

3. Take a photo of your pet from a unique perspective.

4. Photograph your action figures in various hero poses. 

5.Create a photo scavenger hunt for your child to complete.

6. Take pictures of items that start with the same letter of the alphabet.

7. Take pictures of activities during a vacation and create a photo book with the images taken.

8.Take a picture of each family member.

9.Take a photo walk.

10.Take pictures of animals in nature.

11.Take portrait photos of your family pet.

12.Take your entire family someplace special and have a photo shoot.

13. Take close-ups of everyday objects like pencils, lamps and a Lego policeman from different angles.

14. Take a picture of your favorite stuffed animal.

15. Take a picture of the same item in different types of light.

16.Take pictures of your favorite place that explain why you like it so much.

17. Turn a plant away from the sun, take a picture of it and then take a picture of it the next day to show how it moved to find sunlight.

18. Take pictures of different objects that fall into the same subject matter such as things that a blue, for example.

19. Take several pictures of the same item, changing the angle a little bit each time until you have taken pictures all around it.

20. Take a series of photos of people’s eyes.

21. Take photos of people’s hands.

22.Take photos of people in profile.

23. Practice portrait photography on yourself and then take portraits of the rest of the family.

24.Document a fun day out like a photo adventure.

25.Create a time capsule of images and set a date to open them when you are an adult.

26.Take pictures of your favorite people, places, things.

27.Take pictures of cloud formations.

28.Plant a seed and take pictures of the changes you see each day.

29.Take pictures of the same place at different times of the year.

30.Take pictures of rainbows.

31.Take pictures of reflections in puddles, rivers and lakes.

32. Take pictures of your family and friends participating in different activities.

33.Take a picture of holiday lights.

34.Take close-up photos of ornaments on a tree.

35.Take photos of your friends.

36. Take photos of produce in the grocery store.

37.Take photos of Halloween decorations.

38. Take photos of store displays.

39. Take photos of snow people.

40. Take photos of people dancing.

41.Take photos of people jumping into a pool.

42. Take a photo of grass from the point of view of a bug.

43. Take photos of monuments.

44. Take photos of a parade.

45. Take photos of the same view out of a window in different types of weather.

46. Take photos of interesting buildings.

47. Take photos of animals in a zoo.

48. Take photos of someone jumping on a trampoline.

49. Take pictures of your pet playing with his or her favorite toys.

50.Take photos of babies.  Make sure to get the ok from their parents first!

51.Keep an item in the same place outside all day and take pictures of it during different times of the day.

52.Take pictures of items with interesting patterns.

53. Take pictures of shadows.

54. Take pictures of different types of fruits and vegetables.

55.Take pictures of items with a rough texture.

56. Take pictures of items with a smooth texture.

57.Take pictures of something tall.

58. Take pictures of something short.

59. Take pictures of opposites like indoors and outdoors, hot and cold.

60.Take a picture of someone riding a bike.

61.Take a picture of someone rolling on roller skates. 

62.Take a picture of someone ice skating.

63.Take pictures of people sledding.

64.Take a picture of shapes you can find in nature and in your house.

65.Take close up photos of musical instruments.

66.Take pictures of nature after a rainstorm.

67. Blow bubbles and take pictures of them floating around.

68. Take pictures of water coming from a sprinkler.

69. Take photos of a sunset.

70. Take photos of a sunrise.

Whether this is a solitary activity for your child or something you do as an activity together, this photo challenge will most certainly encourage a nice mix of fun and learning! 

 It is always amazing to me how much kids learn when they are playing and relaxed.  Allow your child to use their imagination to come up with interesting and creative ways to take pictures.  

Something like this photography challenge that starts out as a fun activity may eventually turn into a lifetime hobby or even an occupation later on.

Any new experience that helps your child learn about something new in a safe way is worth trying and encouraging.   The most important thing is that kids have fun with this activity.  And, as always, you’ve got this!