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15 Easy And Fun Pool Noodle Games For Kids

When the summer months are upon us, we start to think about fun activities for our kids that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Usually we try to start with the most inexpensive way to spend that time and start from there.

I like to start with these super easy summer activities which will provide my child with a variety of ways to experience some summertime fun!

When I recently visited out local dollar store I saw the shelves filled with the summer must haves: to include a beach ball, water balloons, and of course, the ever-popular pool noodle.

I feel like the pool noodle is the modern equivalent to the stick.  By that I mean that it can really morph into anything your child can imagine!

This amazing invention is so very versatile that we thought you could use a list of summer fun ideas with pool noodles to get you started.

Supplies Needed


In order to recreate most of these pool noodle activities, you will need between two and five noodles.

However, some of these fun games may take more depending on what you plan to do.

You may also want to acquire:

– duct tape

– wood dowels

– hula hoops

– a blindfold 

– aluminum foil paper roll

Pool Noodle Games

1. Pool Noodle Javelin


For this game, you can lay a hula hoop on the ground and throw the noodle so that it touches the hula hoop.  

You could use different colors on your foam noodles and measure who threw the farthest or who threw theirs closest to the hula hoop.

2. Pool Noodle Bullseye

child trying to throw pool noodle through the hula hoop that her sister is holding

For this game, you are able to use pool noodles to aim through a hula hoop.

One player throws the pool noodle and the other holds up the hula hoop.

A great way to change up the game is to move the hula hoop up and down or use different sized hula hoops!

3. Pool Noodle Minefield


This game is a fun way to help develop communication skills.  Toss noodles all around the backyard.

One child is blindfolded and the other directs them through the minefield without touching a noodle.

The goal is to get to the other side of the yard to the finish line without touching a pool noodle.

4. Pool Noodle Toss


This standing pool noodle game is simple and can be played by kids of all ages.

Toss a noodle back and forth with a partner.  Each time someone catches it, they move back a step.

5. Pool Noodle Musical Chairs

In this game, kids start by standing in a circle, each holding a pool noodle vertically. On the count of three, they let go and try to grab the pool noodle next to them. If it falls, they are out.

6. Pool Noodle Hurdles

Stake pool noodles into the ground in an upside down U shape and have kids jump over them.  As kids progress, you move the stakes closer to each other.

7. Blindfolded Marco Polo

In this twist on a classic game, one child is blindfolded and tries to tap other kids with the pool noodle while they yell Marco Polo.

8. Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Here we have a list of obstacle course ideas to get you started.

9. Pool Noodle Tag

In this game you can use the pool noodle as an extension of your arm to reach and tag a person!

10. Pool Noodle Horse Race

Kids will have so much fun getting on the noodle like a horse and racing after another team.

11. Pool Noodle Light Saber Training

In order to make a light saber, take the inside roll from aluminum foil container and push most of it inside the noodle in order to create a handle.

After that, may the force be with you while playing this great game!

12. Pool Noodle Jousting

Each player puts a pool noodle under their arm and runs toward their opponent.

The object is to knock the other player down.  

You could also use hula hoops and have the goal be to push the other player out of their hula hoop circle with your pool noodle.

13. Pool Noodle Golf

You can use your pool noodle like golf club and hit beach balls.

This could go over really well with younger children and who knew that a pool noodle could double as a gross motor toy?

14. Pool Noodle Limbo

People of all ages will enjoy this classic game of dancing underneath a pool noodle while two people hold each end of the noodle.

15. Make A Pool Noodle Fort

In order to make this work, you definitely need to purchase enough noodles to get the job done right!

A little bit of planning will go a long way here.  Get your kids involved and practice some problem solving! 

Pool noodles are so great because they can really be used for so many fun games!

I really appreciate the creativity that these little inventions spark and how fun something so simple can be.

It is also amazing to see how kids think about the many uses of pool noodles and it is a treat to see all of their inventive ideas comes to life!

At the end of the day, if you and your kids had fun, the mission was accomplished!  That time spent laughing and coming up with fun ideas was so worth it.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy these fun pool noodle games!  And, as always, you’ve got this!