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70 Fun Simon Says Ideas For Active Play

Imagine this scene: it is a rainy day.  You take a deep breath and enjoy a few moments of wonderful peace. 

Your younger children have been playing for a while when you suddenly hear the change.

Their tone of voice starts to change and you can hear the beginning of an epic disagreement.

Most parents can tell pretty quickly when things are about to get challenging!

It is usually best to step in and change things up before everything gets completely out of hand!

If you have little ones, you can redirect them with these great no-prep activities for toddlers.

If it seems like everyone has a little too much gas in the tank, you can help relieve that energy by using these physical activities to help them feel better.

There is another easy way to diffuse the situation and refocus that energy quickly. The best part is that there are no supplies needed; just you and your kids!

The classic game of which I speak of course is the game of Simon says. 

There are so many different variations and levels of difficulty you can infuse into this game, and it all depends on what will be the best fit for your kids.

I think any game that you can tailor to your own child’s needs and interests is always in a win in my book.

It also happens to be a perfect game to help your children work on not only their gross motor skills but also their language skills by listening to verbal commands.

Simon Says Ideas


Below we have for you a list of Simon says directions and activities that will keep your younger kids and your older kids busy for quite a while.

They are a great mix of brain games as well as physical actions that will hold their attention and probably make you all laugh!

For your younger kids, you can explain the simple rules and start with a single command at a time.

Just as a refresher, you call out different commands, usually starting with Simon says.  Then your kids do what Simon said.

If you do not say Simon says, then they are not supposed to follow the command.  

If you are playing with a larger group and someone starts taking action on a command when you did not say Simon says, then they are out until the next game.

Have the kids who are out be your second sets of eyes to keep an eye on the remaining players.

You play until one person is left standing and thus declared the winner of that particular round.

If you have a smaller group, then you can just laugh together and keep on playing anyway!

However, you can also use the more difficult commands for older players who may be looking for a more challenging version of this timeless game.

Remember to leave out the Simon says every now and then to make sure they are really listening!

1. Simon says shake your head from left to right.

2. Simon says raise your right hand.

3.Simon says raise your left hand.

4. Simon says pat your head and rub your belly at the same time.

5. Simon says point to your right eye.

6. Simons says wiggle your left arm.

7. Simon says do a silly dance.

8. Simons says bend your right arm.

9. Simon says tap your left foot three times.

10. Simon says move around the room in slow motion.

11. Simon says take five steps in a straight line.

12. Simon says use your arms and legs to make the shape of a letter of the alphabet.

13. Simon says hop on your right foot.

14. Simon says touch your right elbow to your left knee.

15. Simon says hop in a circle on your left foot.

16. Simon says complete twenty jumping jacks.

17. Simon says touch your left elbow to your right knee.

18. Simon says walk like a bird.

19. Simon says make a funny face.

20. Simon says find an object that is your favorite color.

21. Simon says balance on your right foot while looking up.

22. Simon says dance like you can hear your favorite song right now.

23. Simon says act like your favorite animal.

24. Simon says act like you are driving a car.

25. Simon says pretend like you are playing your favorite sport.

26. Simon says make a surprised face.

27. Simon says jump forward, jump back and run around in a circle.

28. Simon says hop like a bunny.

29. Simon says slither like a snake.

30. Simon says run in place.

31. Simon says sit down.

32. Simon says stand up.

33. Simon says walk in a square shape.

34. Simon says do ten pushups.

35. Simon says close your eyes.

36. Simon says open your eyes.

37. Simon says clap your hands.

38. Simon says stick out your arms and legs to make a star shape.

39. Simon says point to your ears.

40. Simon says crawl like a turtle.

41. Simon says hop like a kangaroo.

42. Simon says crawl like an inchworm.

43. Simon says stomp like a dinosaur.

44. Simon says tweet like a bird.

45. Simon says fly like an airplane.

46. Simon says sway like a tree in the wind.

47. Simon says stretch your arms up to the sky then down to the ground.

48. Simon says shape your body like an egg.

49. Simon says move like the waves of the ocean.

50. Simon says move your feet like the floor is hot lava.

51. Simon says tell your favorite story.

52. Simon says blink your eyes.

53. Simon says whistle a fun song.

54. Simon says clap your feet.

55. Simon says pretend you are making a snow angel.

56. Simon says say hello in another language.

57. Simon says act like you are walking on the moon.

58. Simon says act like a monkey.

59. Simon says skip in a circle.

60. Simon says sing like an opera singer.

61. Simon says walk like a bear.

62. Simon says pretend to play the piano.

63. Simon says jump as far as you can.

64. Simon says do the floss dance.

65. Simon says be as quiet as a mouse.

66. Simon says be as loud as a lion.

67. Simon says run as fast as a cheetah.

68. Simon says move as slow as a snail.

69. Simon says run in place with high knees.

70. Simon says shape your arms like you are a teapot.

Accessing The Printable

There is no subscription needed in order for you to access the printable.

Kids of all ages (to include yourself!) will enjoy this great game.  It can even be used in a classroom setting to help kids refocus after a particularly rowdy recess.

It is simply a great way to get everyone to slow down and center themselves by paying close attention and still having fun.

Simon says can open up an amazing avenue to encourage your child in their imaginative play.

This is also a super fun game for birthday parties and just an excellent way to help your kids have a fun time without any setup.

Another great thing is that you can play this game anytime and virtually everywhere; whether you are standing in line at the store with your kids, planning a family game night, or simply want some quality time with your little ones.

Activities do not always have to have millions of little pieces or a Wi-Fi password in order to be fun, and I can confidently say that this particular game costs nothing at all!

Free Simon Says Game Printable

Lastly, this game is so simple to pull out when you are at the end of your rope, or at the end of your day.  The fun and laughter will help reenergize you to keep going! 

So put this activity in your parent toolbox for a rainy day and you’ll be set no matter where you are.

And, as always, you’ve got this!