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44 High Energy Toddler Activities (To Tire Your Toddler Out)

Having an active toddler is a great thing, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

What you need, tired mama, is some high energy toddler activities.

What your toddler needs is some toddler fun: physical activities that toddlers love that will keep them out of trouble and tire them out before bedtime rolls around.

Ah, I can just imagine how much easier bedtime will be once I tire my toddler out.

Instead of trying to get your toddler to calm the heck down, you really should embrace the need for physical activities for toddlers because it helps to build a healthy body.

Psst! Check out our carefully curated BEST “Indoor Toys That Keep Kids Active” List on Amazon.

This list is full of easy, low-prep toddler activities and games that you can do at home that will tire your toddler out (because we’ve all asked the question “What do I do with my toddler all day?”).

I refer to this list frequently, because I’m always wondering how to entertain my toddler indoors.

Have older kids too? Kids of all ages will enjoy these activities for kids with high energy.

If your toddler still naps, but struggles to fall asleep at bedtime, keeping them active is necessary to ensure that you get some mama-me time at the end of the day.

These activities are perfect for older kids, too.

44 High Energy Toddler Activities for Hours of Toddler Fun

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Toddler girl being silly

1. Take the 7-Day Activity Challenge

🌟 Toddler Favorite

Hands On As We Grow has an amazing, FREE 7-Day Activity Challenge that I did this winter with my kids.

You get a new email each day for 7 days explaining a super simple, low-prep and FUN activity, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

My kids loved every activity.

2. Play an active board game

🌟 Toddler Favorite

 We love Twister Shapes which puts an educational twist on a smaller version of Twister, and helps your toddler to practice shapes and colors while being active.

We also love Found It! It’s a scavenger hunt game that allows your child to run around the house and look for something that fits the prompt, such as “something the same color as a banana” or “something you can clean the house with”.

You can get 20% off of Found It! or any other game from Skillmatics using the code BRENDA97046!

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3. Jump on the bed or couch or whatever you have

We have this foldable mattress that we bought to use when our niece comes over.

It is hands-down my children’s favorite toy. Definitely one of the best indoor climbing toys for toddlers!

And it’s not even a toy.

They have played with this thing for hours and hours and hours.

They make forts with it, they jump on it, they put it on the couch and do gymnastics with it.

If you don’t have one, your kids would equally love an air mattress, the couch, a bed, an old crib mattress, etc.

4. Blow Bubbles

If you don’t feel like blowing bubbles for your toddler for hours on end, make sure that you get a bubble blower that your toddler can control.

5. Teach The ABCs Through Active Play

Why not teach your toddler to recognize the ABCs while they’re running around the house?

Incorporate letter learning into fun games like Musical Chairs, Relay Races, Kick The Can and more with these no-prep active learning activities.

6. Parachute Ball Game

Remember playing parachute in gym class?

Even if you don’t have the real deal, you can simply use a round tablecloth, place some balls on it, and have your kids shake the parachute and run to collect the balls.

7. Laser Chase

If you have a laser of some kind, get comfy on the couch and shine the laser on the floor and have your kids chase it and try to “catch” it.

Does it sound like something you would do with your cat?

Yep. But who cares.

Your kids will LOVE it. My kids do!

8. Pillow Fight

9. Hot Lava Game

🌟 Toddler Favorite

The hot lava game is seriously amazing and is one of the best high energy toddler activities.

You can use whatever you want for the “land” (pillows are always a hit).

Spread them out on the floor and have your kids jump from pillow to pillow, trying to avoid the floor that’s covered in hot lava.

However, if you’re tired of having to buy new pillows all the time because your kids flatten them (like I am), check this out!

10. Timed Races

You could have your kids do the crab walk, wheelbarrow race, bear walk, three-legged race, egg and spoon race or sack race.

Since my kids are different ages, I don’t have them race, I simply have them try to beat their personal best score.

I love this variation of the wheelbarrow race that incorporates a peg board puzzle.

11. Monster in the Middle

Monster in the Middle is our version of Monkey in the Middle.

Calling the person in the middle a monster instead of a monkey just makes it more fun, and gives that person a little more freedom to move from the middle (and to make scary monster noises too).

12. Jump on a mini trampoline

This is one of the best gifts that my kids received.

It gets daily use in my house.

It’s perfect for the winter months when we can’t get outside.

It’s also the perfect size for your kid (and your house because it doesn’t take up a ton of room).

13. Kid’s Music Videos

🌟 Toddler Favorite

Kids love music and dancing, so it’s no surprise that music videos directed toward kids are becoming so popular.

My kids love dancing along to

14. Have a dance party

Crank up your kid’s favorite music and dance along with them!

15. Set up an indoor obstacle course

Create an indoor obstacle course using whatever you have around the house (your kids will be able to find lots of obstacles to use).

16. Have a tickle fight

17. Bounce or kick a ball

18. Get outside

Check out these outdoor activities for toddlers.

19. Ride a bike

If you have a toddler, this bike is amazing.

It’s great for toddlers because when they get tired out, you can push them along.

My daughter even loved it before she was old enough to reach the pedals and became insulted whenever I put her in the regular stroller instead.

20. Play Tag

This is a great post with lots of different tag game ideas.

21. Play Simon Says

22. Play Catch

23. Play with Balloons

Blow up a balloon and see how long everyone can keep it up in the air.

24. Play Follow the Leader

25. Play Freeze Dance

26. Have a Clean Up Race

🌟 Family Favorite

Having a clean up race is lots of fun.

If I want my kids to clean up a room fast, I turn on a fun, upbeat song and I tell them that we have to finish cleaning up before the song ends.

You could also play this specific song and have your kids try to beat the Clean Up Robot.

27. Have your child put on a Trick Show or Dance Show

Have your child put on a show for you, showcasing all of their tricks or dance moves.

28. Have a Dress-Up Parade

My kids love having dress up parades.

They make me stay in the living room while they get dressed up, then they walk through the house like they are in a parade.

29. Do the High Jump

Tuck a jump rope into a couch cushion, then hold the other side.

Keep raising the rope as your kids jump over it.

30. Do a Workout Yourself

If my kids are having trouble occupying themselves, I might do a yoga workout.

Usually they join me!

31. Pull out the Ribbon Wands

If your toddler loves to dance, these ribbon wands will really get them moving.

32. Jump to the Shape/Letter/Number/Sight Word

Roll out a big piece of paper on your floor and write whatever your child is working on learning on it.

It could be shapes, letters, numbers or sight words.

Call out the object that you want your child to jump to.

33. Play with Paper Airplanes

And if you’re really feeling creative, you can create a DIY paper airplane target.

34. Get an Animal Bouncer

Side note: I wish they made one in my size.

35. Indoor slide

This is another one of the best investments that I’ve made, and it’s so cheap!

My 5 year old still uses it all the time, but what’s really great about it is that my kids started using it at a year old.

It’s a toy that will be played with for years.

36. Clean the Floors

Why not have your kids burn their energy and help you clean at the same time?

Give them a spray bottle of water and a rag.

Who knew cleaning could be so much fun?

37. Play Ring Around the Rosey

38. Play Duck, Duck, Goose

🌟 Toddler Favorite

My 2 year old has a Duck Duck Goose obsession.

We play it a little differently though.

We don’t say “duck, duck”, we instead say silly things like “stinky feet” and “tasty cupcake”.

It’s so much fun to hear what silly descriptions my kids come up with.

39. Play Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

40. Do the Hokey Pokey

41. Have a Sock Fight

42. Play the Wind-Up Toy Chase Game

Have a cheap wind up toy laying around?

Wind up the toy, set it down, and tell your child that it’s going to get them.

43. Have Your Kids Pretend To Be Animals

I love these sensory Animal Walk ideas.

44. Set Up a Life Size Book Maze

It sounds difficult and time consuming, but it’s totally kid-led.

Check it out here.

45. The Magic Moves Electronic Wand

My friend Jaymi over at The Salty Mamas recommended this.

It’s a great way to get your kids to hop like bunnies, run like cheetahs and fly like birds while you sip some (still hot) coffee.

And don’t forget to get some calming activities in before bed.

Alexandra from Coffee and Coos dims the lights and does a calm activity with her toddler for 30 minutes before bedtime.

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What are your kid’s favorite energy-burning activities?

High Energy, Active Toddler Activities
Activities To Tire Out Your Toddler

Does your toddler exhaust you? You need these activities to tire out toddlers!


Saturday 21st of October 2023

There are some really GREAT suggestions in this list! We tried the hot lava game and now my daughter wants to play it every day! Even going on walks I get told I'd better watch out because there's hot lava! I also love the idea of turning chores into games - that's next on my list!

Brenda Kosciuk

Saturday 21st of October 2023

So glad the list was helpful!

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I'm a grandma who gets called to pinch-hit when the daycare is closed. They recently locked down for a week due to a Covid outbreak. And my grandson is a very energetic toddler! This list has been a lifesaver!! Thank you!

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