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I Love My Dad Because Printable For Kids

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I have the perfect Father’s Day craft for your kiddos to do for their dad! 

Printable crafts are a great way to get your kiddo’s creativity working, with minimal prep for you.  They also make the cutest gift and are great mementoes to hold on to. 

Father’s Day is such a special day because it gives you and your kiddo an opportunity to love on that special person who your kids call dad.  My favorite thing to do with my son is find free Father’s Day printables and make them into a fun craft we can do together.  

I find that this is a great way for me and him to spend time together and that anything made by a kid automatically makes great gifts. It’s fun to talk to my son about all the reasons he adores his dad and watch his creative ideas flow while he makes these super cool presents.  

Printable questionnaires make for the best gifts because they are a unique way to capture what your child thinks about about something at their age.  This Father’s Day questionnaire is so cute because you ask your child fun questions about their dad and they get to answer them in their own words. 

This make the best gift and would be so fun to do over the years to see how your kid’s answers change!  The best part about this printable questionnaire is that it takes minimal prep and is such a great activity to help you celebrate all the special dads out there!

I Love My Dad Because Printable


These Father’s Day free printables are so cute and will be the perfect gift for the dad in your life!  The free Father’s Day printables come with two different versions that have a sweet little writing prompt about their dad’s favorite things.  

Each printable page comes with blank space for your child to write or draw their answer, making this a great activity for kids of all ages! To prep this printable all you need to do is print the design you want (you could use standard printer paper but I think card stock would hold up better) and let your child’s creative ideas flow. 

Both designs give kids space to make it their own and make the perfect gift for Father’s Day! Your child could use markers, crayons or colored pencils to color and fill in the answers.   If they want to use this printable as a card, they might need construction paper and a glue stick. Other than that, supplies in minimal. 

Here are some fun ways you could use this printable questionnaire: 

  • You could have your kiddo answer the questions, color the printable page and then frame it.  This would be adorable framed and would be a sweet gift to put on a dad’s desk.  I always loved going to my Dad’s work and seeing my artwork all around his office. It meant a lot to me and made me feel like he really loved my art. 
  • Your child could use this as part of their Father’s Day card. The front could be dad’s name and a picture of dad and them and inside could be their Father’s Day questionnaire!  They could do this on construction paper and pick their Dad’s favorite color.  My son loves making cards and always wants to make them special and this would be such a unique way to make a great Father’s Day gift and card! 
  • If you have multiple kids, they could each do one of these printable worksheets and make it into a dad book!  That would be such a fun way to have all your kids share their thoughts on their dad and would make the best gift for their dad! 
  • For young children, you could record them answering the questions and then dictate their answers. This is a two in one gift because their dad would have their answers (written in your writing) but would also have their sweet little voice answering the questions.  The voice recordings I have of my little guy when he was two and three are some of my favorite recordings of all time. There is nothing sweeter than a little voice! 
  • You child could make this even more special by gluing their dad questionnaire to one side of a paper (thicker the better) and gluing a picture of dad and them to the other side. 
  • Looking for a great classroom activity? This is perfect for classroom use! Let your students pick from the two different versions and practice their writing skills while also making a Father’s Day gift! This would be a great writing activity for older students and you could help dictate for young children. 

Design #1


This first design is so much fun and features adorable Father’s Day graphics on the top that dads are sure to love.  This fun activity has your child answer questions about their dad and what they think of him. 

The printable is so cute because it has them think about their dad in ways they may not normally and the questions lead to really sweet and honest answers. Here is what the printable questionnaire says: 

I love my dad because…

He makes me feel ____.

He always says ____.

He tells me ____.

He always ____.

He never ____.

He is ____.

This design has lines to finish each sentence making this a great option for younger children.  The little graphics at the top and next to each of the sentences would be cute colored and your child could even include a small picture of themselves and their dad at the bottom of the page next to the Happy Father’s Day print.

Design #2


The second design is adorable and perfect for a dad that loves the outdoors! The center of the printable says “I love my dad because” and above and below this print is boxes with places to write in answers.  The bottom of the page has a beautiful blue shaded mountain range and the words are all blue ombre. 

This design option gives your child the option to either write their responses in the boxes (this is perfect for older kids) or gives them space to draw a picture.  I love this option because this printable would be beautiful in a frame and would be perfect for a dad’s desk. 

Accessing Your Printable

These free Father’s Day printables are both so cute and perfect for all the special dads out there!  I love that the printable come with two options so that each kid gets to pick the perfect card for them and their dad and make it their own.  

To get this printable, all you need to do is click the download button below, no subscription is required.  If you like this printable and would live to hear about other activities, free printables and fun ideas for your kids, subscribe below and you will get weekly emails with fun activities that are perfect for kids of all ages! 

This is my favorite way as a busy mom to find activities and printables that my son and I can do together.  Even as a writer I am also an email subscriber and a mama looking for easy, low prep activities, and my favorite thing about being a subscriber is that around the holidays I get a ton of free pirntalbes and fun ideas that I get to use with my son! 

Getting ideas from other moms is truly my favorite way to parent!  

Free Printable I Love My Dad Because Gift

Looking for Mother’s Day printables for all those special moms out there? Check out our  I Love My Mom Because Printable to continue the cuteness for the mamas! I wish all the dad’s a Happy Father’s Day and know that the kiddos in their life will make these printables into the best gifts ever! 


Saturday 15th of June 2024

Thank you so much for this amazing activity from children to their dads.

Brenda Kosciuk

Saturday 15th of June 2024

Glad you like it!