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Free Printable Father’s Day Cards To Color

Sometimes father’s day can get lost in the mix of all the exciting events surrounding it. First there is Mother’s Day, then the end of school, then the start of summer. Not to mention, 4th of July right around the corner! 

But dads need to be celebrated! More and more research is showing the importance of fathers and father figures in children’s lives and the lasting positive impact they can have. 

We want to help you make sure Father’s Day is a special day for your family and that Dad feels extra loved! 

To do this, we have created some free printable cards for personal use that we want to share with you! These are great for kids of all ages. 

Whether your kids give these to their own dad or to other father figures in their lives, a homemade card can make the best gifts and bring a smile to their face. 

At the bottom of the post, you’ll find instructions on how to download and access your free pdf file. 

Father’s Day Cards To Color

1. You’re Tee-riffic, Dad!


If your kids have a dad who loves golf, this one is for you my friend! Older children will love the play on words. 

The best part is for each of these cards, it shows the kids where to cut and where to fold the card so they can write a special message on the inside. 

They might have fun thinking of some other golf puns. For example: “Thanks for ’putting’ up with me, Dad” or “You’re the best dad by PAR” or “Best dad ’in the hole’ wide world”. 

What better way to make the old man laugh than with a couple of dad jokes! Give them a taste of their own medicine, right?

2. You’re O-fish-ally The Best Dad


Let your kiddos have fun coloring this one with lots of different colors to make it feel like he is at the lake. 

If your kids have memories with their dad fishing, then this one is perfect for them! Have them write a fun or heartfelt message on the inside. 

3. Best Dad Ever


Little kids who are just learning to read will love this card! Why is that? Because they can read all of the words! 

Kids will have fun coloring in each letter and turning the paper sideways to color the “ever” letters. 

If you do have a budding reader in your home, practice letter sounds with them while they color each letter. Each time they start on a new letter, have them tell you what sound it makes and a word that starts with that letter. 

Not only are you making cards for dad, but you’re learning while doing it! Two birds, one stone! 

4. 100% Cool Dad


This one is great for oldest kids to give to dad. When did dad become cool? As soon as that first child was born! 

It could also be fun to have each of the kids give him this one and have them compete telling dad that he wasn’t a cool dad until THEY specifically were born. 

Another fun idea with this one is to cut out the shape and turn it into a badge that dad has to wear all dad on Father’s Day! 

5. Happy Father’s Day


What dad doesn’t love a goofy looking mustache?! Kids will love coloring the mustache all sorts of different colors. 

Add a twist to this one by printing out an extra card and having the kids color the mustache. Then cut the mustache out and tape it to dad’s face. See how long it will stay there! 

Want to make it even better? Have each child cut out and color their own mustache. Attach each one to a popsicle stick and take turns posing for pictures with dad and his different mustaches. 

6. #1 Dad


A trophy! Dad deserves a trophy for Father’s Day, right? Since you can’t give him a real one, here’s a printable version that the kids will love! 

After giving him the card, have a day of competition to feed dad’s competitive spirit. Who can get ready the fastest, relay races, yard games, board games, etc.

Make sure dad wins every time and give him a new cut out trophy for each win! 

Accessing your Free Printable

A great perk about these fun Father’s Day cards is there is no subscription necessary! Simply click the download link below to access the cards and they will be ready to print! 

Sometimes, kids can be rough when coloring (especially with markers), so make sure to print them on thick paper such as cardstock. 

After the cards are printed, you’ll love this single-fold design. All you need to do is cut around the solid black line then fold on the dotted lines and viola… the card is ready for your child to color and write their special message. 

Your kids will be thrilled to see the look on dad’s face when he reads the thoughtful messages. We hope you enjoy these free Father’s Day cards. 

Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

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