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Free Printable I Love You Cards For Kids To Color

It is that time of year again where we think of our friends and loved ones and send out valentine cards!

A great way to help younger kids get started on their valentine’s cards is to find a printable version that makes them feel like they are completing valentine’s day coloring pages.

In addition to that, I think all parents can agree that free printables that carry the duties of being coloring sheets as well as a sweet note equal the perfect card!

Any family member will enjoy printable love cards.

Older kids can add extra flair such as a googly eye (or two!), some glitter, or detailed patterns that will make all of their valentine’s day cards rival a store-bought quality card!

We have gathered five beautiful cards for your personal use that will help you and your little ones share valentine’s day love and sweet messages.

While you are browsing here to find your favorite valentine’s day card, I would also encourage you to check out these fun birthday cards to color

They definitely come in handy on anyone’s special day of the year!

Printable I Love You Cards To Color

We have assembled several options below to help you get the best results for your children’s valentine’s cards.

You could print them on thick paper or matte photo paper to give them an extra special touch.

From there, let the kids put their own spin on the rest of the decorations.

They will definitely make the cards feel festive and joyful!

Option #1

Card that has colorable hearts and the wording I heart you.

This first card exemplifies the simple way in which we can let others know how we feel.  

Option #2

Card that says I heart you and is covered in hearts to color

The first thing that pops out to me about this card is the special message with the word love across the front.

What makes it even more of a colorable card is that it is covered with lots of hearts!

Kids of all ages will enjoy decorating this card with a variety of colors, glitter, or whatever else sparks their imaginations!

Option #3

Card with cat and vertical stripes to color that says I heart you.

This next adorable card in our group of greeting cards is certainly for the cat lovers in your life.  

What is not to love when you see that sweet cat smile?

Option #4

Card with the word love and hearts to color

I really like how the word Love is floating amongst the heart clouds.  It is like the visual of floating on cloud nine!

Option #5

Card with a monkey and a banana that says "I'm bananas for you"

The play on words and super cute monkey on this card will definitely be a crowd pleaser.  

Accessing Your Printable

The best part of all of this is that you do not have to subscribe to anything, just click the link and get started on your search for cute free printable valentines!

May I also suggest this sweet I love my mom printable to give kids an opportunity to send love on valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or just on a regular Wednesday!

While you are enjoying these free printable cards, please remember to show some teacher appreciation for your child’s teacher with this special I love my teacher printable.

These easy outlines and single-fold design cards are going to help your kids celebrate this season of love and have fun at the same time!

Click here for your I Love You Cards PDF!

The options are a fun way for your kids to find what best fits for what they want to say to their friends and family on this special day.

Once they have made their choices, the sky is the limit for how they want to decorate and give each card that personal touch!

Remember to have fun and, as always, you’ve got this!

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