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 Free Printable Letter B Scavenger Hunt

It is SO exciting when your child starts recognizing letters! I still remember when my son began pointing out the first letter of his name and how excited and proud I was!

Letter recognition is a big step in the development of literacy skills and it’s so fun when your own kiddos start identifying each letter of the alphabet. Letter recognition really opens up a whole world of activities you can do with your child and it’s so special to be a part of that learning.  

I always have ideas of all the things I want to teach and do with my little guy, but often feel overwhelmed with the actual planning out of these activities and love when I can find simple printables like this.  

What I love about this scavenger hunt is that it is an easy activity to do at home and that it can be used at the start of learning letters of the alphabet or as practice with uppercase letters or letter sounds. There are so many options and this could easily be paired with other letter B activities and letter crafts

The most important part when doing any activity like this is just going with the flow and meeting your child where they are.  We are still in the letter name and sound phase for my little guy and I have to remember to follow his lead when it comes to learning. 

Some days I will put out a fun activity like this one and he will be super into it and it will be the perfect way for us to spend time together and then other days he wants me to play cars with him and both of those are great. The best part of getting to be part your child’s learning is the time you get to spend with them.

Letter B Scavenger Hunt


This free printable is such a fun way to have your child practice their letter recognition for the letter B.  The letter hunt has your child find things around your house that begin with this letter.  

This fun activity is a great way to start working on uppercase letters and is an easy way to start introducing letter names and letter sounds for the letter B. This free printable comes with a scavenger hunt checklist that includes pictures that start with the letter B. 

There are 12 different items to find and the list of items can easily be found inside and outside your house, which makes this an easy activity no matter the weather! All you need to do is print this scavenger hunt and you are ready to go!  

This would be a great follow up to our letter A scavenger hunt and is the perfect way to get your child up and moving, while also practicing letter recognition!  

My son loves scavenger hunt games and I find that once we start them, he gets so excited each time he find an item on the list!  The best part of this list is that each item is a familiar object that your child will be able to find which makes this an easy activity for kids of all ages! 

Ways To Use This Letter Scavenger Hunt

There are so many fun things to do with a scavenger hunt and this letter B letter hunt is no exception!  This printable could easily be used to reinforce the letter recognition for “B” or be an easy way to introduce the letter name or letter sound. There are so many options for younger kids, older kids or the whole family so grab your clipboard and get ready to hunt for the letter B!

Here are some fun ways to use this scavenger hunt: 

  • For younger kids, you might need to help them by giving them one item at a time and helping them choose the room that makes the most sense. For example, “can you find something in this room that is blue?”  
  • For older kids, you might give them the scavenger hunt and follow along with them, but let them take the lead! If they get stuck you could help them remember where they might find things by giving them a question like “hmm where do we brush our hair each day?” to help them find an object. 
  • Do a color scavenger hunt and as you find each item that starts with B, have your child color the picture to match what they found.  This is the perfect way to stretch out the hunt and have your child work on fine motor skills by coloring each picture in.  Plus, as a bonus, they are working on colors too! 
  • Want to make this a little more advanced for older kids?  Try a rainbow scavenger hunt with the letter B!  Your kid has to find each object that starts with the letter B, but they also have to find all the colors of the rainbow. This will make the hunt a little harder and will have them looking all over for the letter B! 
  • Want to do this with the whole family?  Make this into a photo scavenger hunt!  Split into teams and have each team hunt for the list of items that start with the letter B and take a picture of each item once they find it. At the end, look at all the pictures and compare what each team found. 
  • Practice letters and sounds by having your child find the item that starts with the letter B and having them say the sound it starts with.  For example:  When your child finds a ball have them say the word “ball” and then practice saying the beginning sound “B”.  Then remind them that ball starts with the letter B and the B says “B”. 
  • Want to keep do this scavenger hunt again? Instead of having to print multiple copies, laminate it or put the printable into a sheet protector and use dry erase markers to mark off the list of items.  The best part about this idea is how fancy your little one will feel when using a dry erase marker!  My son LOVES getting to use these and always thinks it’s such a special treat!
  • Looking for a fun way to continue practicing the letter B?  Keep the scavenger hunt going!  Find the letter B at the grocery store, while driving,  or on a road trip. You can take this letter hunt anywhere you go!  It makes grocery shopping into a fun game and is my favorite way to practice letter names and letter sounds (plus it keeps my little one occupied the entire grocery trip!)
  • Want to continue practicing the letter B? Make this into an outdoor scavenger hunt or a nature scavenger hunt! Get some fresh air and find more items that start with the letter B like a bumble bee!  You can have your child draw a picture on the back of this printable with all of the other things they can find! This can even be fun on a rainy day!  My son loves being out in the rain and would love to do a scavenger hunt with his rain boots and umbrella! It’s the perfect way to practice letters and have fun! 

Accessing Your Free Printable


Ready for your free printable alphabet scavenger hunt? All you have to do is click below and your free printable will download instantly! 

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Click here for your scavenger hunt!

Did you try this letter hunt out and have a favorite way to use it? Please let us know in the comment box below!  

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