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Fill-In-The-Blank Would You Rather Game

A long road trip with kids is an inevitable part of being a parent.

Whether you are traveling to Disney World, New York City, or Legoland, the need to help pass the time with a fun game or two is important.

A great way to start is to check out these road trip games that will lead to loads of family fun on the road.

You will find a variety of games that your kids can play independently or with the entire family.

There are also many activities included that can double as a fun way to entertain everyone during your next family game night!

In addition to that, these would you rather questions are great conversation starters for kids of all ages to help pass the time.

As a bonus, you will learn new things about your kids such as their favorite famous singer or video games!

These amazing questions can spark conversations that will help strengthen your family bonds.

While finding out what your child’s preference for a favorite food is, you can play the would you rather game below.

Fill In The Blank Would You Rather Game


What makes this game incredibly fun is that you can personalize it a bit to ask your own questions.

This game can be played during road trips of course, but can also be played during a birthday party or family dinners.

So let us get into this fun family game and remember to check out your printables at the end of this post!’

Fill-In-The-Blank Questions

The printable contains the following questions:

Would you rather:

  • eat __________________ or ________________?
  • live in ___________________________ or __________________________?
  • have to ___________________________ or ___________________________?
  • be a __________________________ or a __________________________?
  • drink _________________________ or __________________________?
  • live without _______________________ or _________________________?
  • never _________________________ or _________________________?
  • be really ________________________ or really _____________________?
  • hug a _________________________ or a _________________________?
  • play _________________________ or ___________________________?
  • visit _________________________ or ____________________________?
  • have no _______________________ or a lot of ______________________?
  • smell like _________________________ or ________________________?
  • have a pet ___________________________ or _______________________?

How To Play

Below you will see two printables that allow you to fill in the blank with the two possible would you rather options for each question.

This can be played several ways.

My favorite way is to print a copy for each person so that everyone can write down their own questions.

Alternately, you and your family can go through these silly questions and have one person fill in the blanks.

Another option is to have everyone make suggestions and pick the one you all like.

Once all of the blanks have been filled in, you can start hearing all about each person’s preference.

The best ice breaker way to get this game started is to go through each question and have everyone give their answers and reasons for their answer.

This is sure to start some fun debates and makes for a great conversation starter!

A way to be able to play this game over and over again is to place the printable game question cards in a protective sleeve and write on them with erasable marker.

Accessing Your Free PDF

You will be able to access this free PDF below and start enjoying some great times with your family!

So when you are at a loss for what to do on your next road trip, remember that you have this game in your parent tool box and let the fun begin!

Remember to listen to what your kids say.

While this is a fun game, it is also so interesting to hear the critical thinking children put behind their answers.

Even when you find out that your child prefers candy canes over ice cream cake (what?!), their reasoning may just surprise you even more!

Click to access your would you rather game!

Enjoy your time together and, as always, you’ve got this!

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