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150 Best Animal Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Let me know if this scenario rings familiar to you: it has been a long day and you are standing in the grocery line waiting to check out.  

Your children are antsy, and everyone is grouchy with each other.

As much as I would love to say that I never experience grouchy moments with my son, that would not be accurate.  Life gets in the way on some days, no matter how hard I try.

However, there is always room for improvement and ways to change the mood.  

I recently saw an interaction between my mom and my son that lead to an “aha” moment for me.

He was getting grouchy, and it looked like things were not going well.  Instead of buying into the mood, my mom started asking him silly questions to redirect his energy.  

I have to say that he is pretty quick on picking up on attempts to redirect, but I believe her question was so funny and the topic was so within his interest, that he forgot about being grouchy.

They had a great conversation and subsequently, a great afternoon together.  I like to believe that we should all have these types of skills in our parent tool belt to make life easier.

I can only speak for myself when I say that unlike my mom, I am unable to pull these types of tools out of my belt off the cuff, especially when things are already stressful.  

It takes a bit of preparation.

So, in the quiet moments (the VERY few quiet moments!) I sit down and do my best to think of questions to put in my tool belt.  Today’s topic happened to be animals.

Kids love most things to do with animals.  I know my son loves anything that has to do with learning more about animals and any games that involve talking about animals.  

He could talk about animals for hours!

Below is a list of animal would you rather questions that should have you and your little ones laughing and enjoying your time together!

Animal Would You Rather Questions

Pet Questions


1. Would you rather eat cat food or dog food?

2.Would you rather have a pet dog or a pet cat?

3. Would you rather have a cat with long hair or short hair?

4. Would you rather have a hamster who had bad breath or smelly feet?

5. Would you rather dress up your pet with a clown nose or with the jersey of a sports team?

6. Would you rather have a pet who loves ice cream or a hot dog?

7.Would you rather be a bird or a bunny for the rest of your life?

8.Would you rather take your pet to an amusement park or to a water park?

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9. Would you rather have a pet bird or a pet turtle?

10. Would you rather feed your pet a live worm or other weird food?

11. Would you rather have a pet who was a famous actor or played a musical instrument?

12.Would you rather hold a spider or a snake?

13. Would you rather meow like a cat or tweet like a bird?

14.Would you rather bark like a dog or squeak like a guinea pig?

15.Would you rather walk on four paws like a dog or fly like a bird?

16.Would you rather have a pet pig or a pet goat?

17.Would you rather have a salamander or a spider as a pet?

18.Would you rather have a bed for your pet inside or a little house for it outside?

19.Would you rather feed your pet one time a day or feed it all day long?

20.Would you rather have a cat tail or a bunny tail?

21.Would you rather own a mammal or a reptile?

22.Would you rather be a cat or a dog for a day?

23.Would you rather have one pet or several pets?

24.Would you rather walk a cat or a dog?

25.Would you rather have puppies or kittens?

26.Would you rather have baby bunnies or baby hamsters?

27.Would you rather have fur like a cat or scales like a snake?

28.Would you rather hop like a bunny or walk like a guinea pig?

29.Would you rather have one fish or a tank full of fish?

30.Would you rather dress up your pet as a wizard or a hot dog?

31.Would you rather feed a snake a mouse or a pretzel?

32.Would you rather have a pet rat or a pet ferret?

33.Would you rather have a cat with a lot of fur or one with no fur?

34.Would you rather have a golden retriever or a pug as a pet?

Farm Animal Questions


1. Would you rather visit farm animals in the real world or from your computer?

2. Would you rather be a cow or a horse?

3. Would you rather be a pig or a sheep for your entire life?

4. Would you rather go on a road trip with a chicken or a duck?

5. Would you rather feed a pig or a goat every single day?

6. Would you rather have a chicken who lays rotten eggs or a bee sting?

7. Would you rather see a horse who thinks it is Harry Potter or Darth Vader?

8. Would you rather attend a summer camp that has baby chickens or baby goats?

9. Would you rather take care of a herd of cows or a herd of horses?

10.Would you rather ride a horse or take it for a walk?

11.Would you rather sheer a sheep or milk a cow?

12.Would you rather be woken up at night by a barking dog or woken early in the morning by a rooster crowing?

13.Would you rather clean up after horses or pigs?

14.Would you rather have fresh eggs from a chicken or fresh milk from a cow?

15.Would you rather live in a barn or graze out in a field?

16.Would you rather be a llama or an alpaca?

17.Would you rather gallop like a horse or run like a chicken?

18.Would you rather be a chicken or a duck?

19.Would you rather have a horse tail or a cow tail?

20.Would you rather walk like a sheep or a chicken?

21.Would you rather squeal like a pig or neigh like a horse?

22.Would you rather quack like a duck or cluck like a chicken?

23.Would you rather visit a farm or the zoo?

24.Would you rather milk a goat or a cow?

25.Would you rather ride the bus or a pony to school?

26.Would you rather take care of an emu or a llama?

27.Would you rather have the mane of a horse or the tail of a cow?

28.Would you rather have the beak of a chicken or the bill of a duck?

29.Would you rather have webbed feet like a duck or hooves like a goat?

30.Would you rather moo like a cow or baa like a sheep?

31.Would you rather have an ant farm or a beehive?

32.Would you rather have a box or worms or a box or beetles?

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33.Would you rather have a porcupine of a hedgehog for a pet?

34.Would you rather live on a reindeer farm or a cow farm?

35.Would you rather take care of a rafter (group) of turkeys or a gaggle of geese?

36.Would you rather have something made from alpaca hair or musk ox hair?

Sea Creature Questions


1. Would you rather see a shark in the ocean or through a shark tank?

2. Would you rather see sea creatures that live in warm water or cold water?

3. Would you rather see a whale in real life or on television?

4. Would you rather swim with dolphins in the ocean or in a swimming pool?

5. Would you rather play with a sea otter or a penguin?

6. Would you rather be a fish or a sea horse for your whole life?

7. Would you rather swim like a shark or like an octopus?

8. Would you rather swim with whales or manta rays?

9. Would you rather spend time with manatees or jellyfish?

10. Would you rather splash like a dolphin or fly like a flying fish?

11.Would you rather be a large sea creature or a small sea creature?

12.Would you rather be a seal or a penguin?

13.Would you rather live only in the ocean or be able to live in the ocean and on land?

14.Would you rather slither or swim?

15.Would you rather ride on a sea turtle or a dolphin?

16.Would you rather race a school of fish or a shark?

17.Would you rather touch an octopus or a starfish?

18.Would you rather have fins like a shark or tentacles like an octopus?

19.Would you rather live in a sea anemone or float out in the open ocean?

20.Would you rather live in fresh water or salt water?

21. Would you rather be a platypus or a sea otter?

22.Would you rather swim in the ocean with fish or fly in the sky with sea birds?

23.Would you rather be able to understand whale language or sea urchin language?

24.Would you rather have crab legs or fins?

25.Would you rather have scales like a fish or a shell like a sea turtle?

26.Would you rather live closer to the surface of the ocean or in the depths of the ocean?

27.Would you rather make sounds like a dolphin or a whale?

28.Would you rather move like a seal or like a sea lion?

29.Would you rather have suction cups like an octopus or stingers like a jellyfish?

30.Would you rather have a nose like a swordfish or a nose like a polar bear?

31.Would you rather have sharp teeth like a shark or be poisonous like a puffer fish?

32.Would you rather be a clam or a starfish?

33.Would you rather be a sponge or coral?

34.Would you rather be an oyster or a squid?

Wild Animal Questions


1. Would you rather see a wild animal at the north pole or at a national park?

2. Would you rather visit an elephant at a desert island or in a different city from where you live?

3. Would you rather see a wild animal with long legs or short legs?

4. Would you rather visit animals in the Sahara Desert or in the rainforest?

5. Would you rather play video games or ride a magic carpet with a polar bear?

6. Would you rather talk to a monkey who asks silly questions or interesting questions?

7. Would you rather have claws like a panther or fur like a fox?

8. Would you rather be big like an elephant or small like a mouse?

9. Would you rather sing like a bird or howl like a wolf?

10.Would you rather run fast like a cheetah or move slow like a turtle?

11.Would you rather slither like a snake or hop like a kangaroo?

12.Would you rather hug or panda bear or a koala bear if you were able to safely do so?

13.Would you rather dance with giraffes or zebras?

14.Would you rather ride an ostrich or a camel?

15. Would you rather be able to climb like a squirrel or bury into the ground like a mole?

16.Would you rather be a monkey or a gazelle?

17.Would you rather have teeth like a beaver or claws to climb a tree?

18.Would you rather be a grizzly bear or a brown bear?

19.Would you rather be a crocodile or a porcupine?  

20.Would you rather be able to camouflage into your environment or be colorful like a parrot?

21.Would you rather be an army ant or a beetle?

22.Would you rather swing from trees like monkeys or fly from place to place?

23.Would you rather live in a tree or in a burrow?

24.Would you rather be a lion or a hyena? 

25.Would you rather be a sloth or a koala bear?

26.Would you rather be strong like a hippopotamus or fast like a gazelle?

27.Would you rather be a worm or a fly?

28.Would you rather hug a porcupine or kiss a snake?

29.Would you rather have a trunk like an elephant or a horn like a rhinoceros?

30.Would you rather pet an alligator or a tiger?

31.Would you rather ride an elephant or a horse?

32.Would you rather live with a lion or a hundred snakes?

33.Would you rather understand the language of monkeys or of bears?

34.Would you rather be a falcon or an eagle?

35.Would you rather have the eyes of an eagle or the ears of a fennec fox?

36.Would you rather have the warts of a toad or the tongue of an anteater?

37.Would you rather ride a jaguar or a lion?

38.Would you rather have the mane of a lion or the scales of an alligator?

39.Would you rather have the feathers of a peacock or an ostrich?

40.Would you rather be part of an ant colony or part of a pack of meercats?

41.Would you rather be the leader of a pride of lions or part of the pride?

42.Would you rather be an elephant or a mouse?

43.Would you rather be a butterfly or a moth?

44.Would you rather have great hearing like a bat or great sight like an owl?

45.Would you rather be nocturnal or diurnal?

46.Would you rather be a part of a big family of animals or live by yourself?

47.Would you rather be a wild animal that is poisonous or venomous?

48.Would you rather be a snail or a banana slug?

49.Would you rather be a wild animal that lives in the wild or in a zoo?

50.Would you rather have paws or talons?

It is my hope that these animal would you rather questions can be helpful to you on your parenting journey, or at least during a long day of errands with the kids! 

I hope you find that these questions not only help change the mood, but also end up teaching you something new about your little ones.  Their answers can be amazing and eye-opening to be sure.

Wishing you all the best and as always, you’ve got this!

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