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150 Super Gross Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Would You Rather is one of my favorite games for so many reasons! First, it’s a game that can be done anywhere and is super fun and always makes kids laugh!  

It makes for a great activity to pass time during a road trip, on a plane or even during a family dinner. 

Another thing I love about this game is that it’s a great way to get kids talking and laughing and you might even learn something new about your kids.  This Would You Rather set of questions puts a twist on this classic game and gives you all gross questions.  Kids will love these questions because they are so gross and might even make you wince, and you will get to be the cool parent asking your kid if they would rather eat a booger or lick their foot! 

It’s a win win for parents and kids.  Now sit back and get ready to have a good gross laugh with your kids with these fun questions for kids!

Gross Would You Rather Questions For Kids


1. Would you rather eat your own booger or lick your own foot?

2. Would you rather have bad breath for the day or smell like rotten eggs for the day?

3. Would you rather eat fish ice cream or drink dirty water?

4. Would you rather drink sour milk or a full cup of lemon juice?

5. Would you rather fall into muddy water or ice cold water?

6. Would you rather hold a giant spider or touch a dead pigeon?

7. Would you rather eat an entire block of blue cheese or a handful of sand?

8. Would you rather hold a giant snake or a tarantula?

9. Would you eat a gallon of mayonnaise or taste earwax?

10. Would you rather have smelly feet for a week or smell like rotten fruit for a single day?

11. Would you rather have a tail or a third arm for the rest of your life?

12. Would you rather eat chocolate crickets or M & M’s filled with broccoli?

13. Would you rather have your hands covered in peanut butter or syrup all day?

14. Would you rather pick up dog poop for a week or take out the garbage for the rest of your life?

15. Would you rather live with a troll or with a zombie?

16. Would you rather wear clown makeup for the day or have mud on your face for the day?

17. Would you rather have a second head or an extra set of hands?

18.  Would you rather eat a dozen cockroaches or a live worm?

19. Would you rather sleep on a giant piece of jello or a giant gummy bear?

20. Would you rather have a pet skunk or a pet porcupine?

21. Would you rather visit an amusement park covered in slime or a water park with smelly water?

22. Would you rather lick a frog or lick a slug?

23. Would you rather eat a sardine or eat an oyster?

24. Would you rather eat soggy toilet paper or a small chunk of hair?

25.Would you rather hold a rat or a dead bug?

26. Would you rather have an ear wax and jelly sandwich or a booger and jelly sandwich?

27. Would you rather drink a glass of spit or a glass of sweat?

28. Would you rather hold a live fish or a live centipede?

29. Would you rather get bitten by a bat or a giant spider?

30. Would you rather a dog lick peanut butter off your nose or a bear lick honey off your toes?


31. Would you rather your bedroom smell like fish or dog poop?

32. Would you rather lose your sense of smell or have everything smell like rotten eggs?

33. Would you rather eat a moldy apple or a hairy apple?

34. Would you rather your hands be backwards or your feet be backwards for a single day?

35. Would you rather drink water from a dog bowl or a puddle?

36. Would you rather drink a water bottle full of pickle juice or a water bottle full of sour milk?

37. Would you rather eat an ice cream dipped in sand or an ice cream dipped in dirt?

Want more summer would you rather?

38. Would you rather get a splinter in your tongue or between your toes?

39. Would you rather eat your own hair or your own toe nails?

40. Would you rather a bucket of slime poured on you or a bucket of live fish?

41. Would you rather spend the night in a bear cave or on a deserted island?

42. Would you rather wear dirty socks or dirty underwear?
43. Would you rather eat moldy cheese or moldy fruit?
44. Would you rather lick a tire or lick the bottom of a shoe?
45. Would you rather crawl through worms or crawl through cockroaches?
46. Would you rather put your hand in a jar full of eyeballs or a jar full of spiders?
47. Would you rather spend the night in an outhouse or in a coffin of worms?
48. Would you rather have a possum or a raccoon as a pet?
49. Would you rather eat a fuzzy donut or a soggy donut?
50. Would you rather eat a deep fried spider or deep fried grass hopper?
51. Would you rather stand behind a farting elephant or a farting rhinoceros?

52. Would you rather eat a chocolate covered  slug or a chocolate covered toad?
53. Would you rather snuggle with a sea lion or with a muddy pig?
54. Would you rather have a popsicle made of garlic or a popsicle made of broccoli?
55. Would you rather eat asparagus ice cream or cauliflower ice cream?
56. Would you rather eat cookies with boogers or cookies with fingernails?

Psst! We have more gross food would you rather questions!
57. Would you rather eat a moldy melon or garbage soup?
58. Would you rather smell like a skunk or smell like an outhouse?
59. Would you rather have two noses or five eyes?
60. Would you rather swim in a sea of garbage or a sea of shrimp?


61. Would you rather have a bug fly into your eye or into your mouth?

62. Would you rather have fish scales or snake skin?
63. Would you rather have a pig tail or have fur?
64. Would you rather hug a zombie or hug a mummy?
65. Would you rather eat a soap flavored snow cone or toothpaste flavored ice cream?
66. Would you rather lick ear wax or lick a slug?
67. Would you rather eat mustard all day or ketchup all day?
68. Would you rather be in a hot dog eating contest or a milk chugging contest?
69. Would you rather drink sour milk soda or pea soup soda?
70. Would you rather wear a shirt made of old socks or a shirt made of your underwear?
71. Would you rather brush your teeth with toothpaste that taste like hot dogs or pizza? 

72. Would you rather help eat bugs off a monkey or lick a cat’s fur clean?
73. Would you rather eat a pie full of fish or a pie full of snails?
74. Would you rather have a spider sleep in your hair or your ear?
75. Would you rather be sweaty all day or smelly all day?
76. Would you rather sleep on a bed of snakes or a bed of slugs?
77. Would you rather live in a house made of toenails or a castle made of stinky cheese?
78. Would you rather eat lint from your belly button or from between your toes?
79. Would you rather eat your cereal in mayonnaise or cottage cheese?
80. Would you rather take a bath in yogurt or a bath in jello?
81. Would you rather be covered in jelly or honey for a single day? 

82. Would you rather have to catch a muddy pig or a muddy cow?
83. Would you rather eat a rotten egg sandwich or a rotten tuna fish sandwich?
84. Would you rather eat ice cream covered in ants or ice cream covered in snail slime?
85. Would you rather eat food found under the couch cushion or food under your bed?
86. Would you rather swim in a lake full of peanut butter or a pool full or jelly?
87. Would you rather floss with snake skin or a spider web?
88. Would you rather drink a zucchini milkshake or a broccoli sundae?
89. Would you rather have nose hair or hair on your toes?
90. Would you rather smell a bear’s breath or a vulture’s breath?


91. Would you rather it rain pickle juice or lemon juice for one single day?

92. Would you rather take a bath that smells like rotten eggs or one that smells like a skunk?
93. Would you rather have toilet water dumped on your head or water from a fish tank?
94. Would you rather find a hair in your food or find a fingernail in your food?
95. Would you rather use cottage cheese shampoo or cream cheese shampoo?
96. Would you rather find a mouse in your bed or a giant cockroach?
97. Would you rather lick a lollipop with a grass hopper inside or a scorpion?
98. Would you rather eat chocolate covered pizza or syrup covered pizza?
99. Would you rather try to eat ice cream or spaghetti with your feet?
100. Would you rather take a bite out of a rotten apple or a bite of rotten yogurt?
101. Would you rather have worms for fingers or centipedes for fingers? 

102. Would you rather have lizard skin or dog hair all over your body?
103. Would you rather have tentacles or claws?
104. Would you rather find an ant or a spider in the middle of your ice cream?
105. Would you rather eat a spoonful of salt or a spoonful of pepper?
106. Would you rather eat 100 boiled eggs or 50 moldy apples?
107. Would you rather eat a salad with octopus or a salad with squid?
108. Would you rather eat frog legs or cow tongue?
109. Would you rather eat a sandwich that fell in the sand or a sandwich that fell in a puddle?
110. Would you rather have the head of a cow or the head of a giraffe?
111. Would you rather be half horse or half octopus?

112. Would you rather your legs turn into spider legs or crab legs?
113. Would you rather sleep next to a smelly cow or a smelly pig?

Check out more animal would you rather questions!
114. Would you rather have a worm or a centipede crawl out of your nose?
115. Would you rather have snakes for your hair or tentacles for your hair?
116. Would you rather swim in pickle juice or swim in yogurt?
117.Would you rather eat next to a vulture or next to a rat?
118. Would you rather be able to transform into a slug or transform into a sea cucumber?
119. Would you rather your head was on backwards or your legs were on backwards?
120. Would you rather be covered in mosquitos or covered in bees?


121. Would you rather sweat all the time or slobber all the time? 

122. Would you rather eat Mac and cheese with beetles or soup with worms?
123. Would you rather walk barefoot in mud or barefoot in slime?
124. Would you rather have ants crawling on you or tiny lizards?
125. Would you rather have no ears or no nose?
126. Would you rather have 15 toes on each foot or 7 fingers on each hand?
127. Would you rather swap bodies for a single day with a fly or with a bat?
128. Would you rather be licked by a camel or licked by a cow?
129. Would you rather swallow a cockroach whole or a worm whole?

130. Would you rather throw up in front of the entire class or step in dog poop at recess?

131. Would you rather take a bath in lemon juice or muddy water?

132. Would you rather wear clean clothes covered in spiders or dirty clothes covered in ice cream?

133. Would you rather eat your favorite food with rotten eggs or your least favorite food with chocolate bars?

134. Would you rather drink sour milk for your entire life or drink a glass of sweat one single time?

135. Would you rather have a giant spider for your family pet or a giant snake?

136. Would you rather have a pineapple for a head or a cactus? 

137. Would you rather have rotten fruit ice cream or rotten egg popsicles?

138. Would you rather walk in peanut butter or walk in cottage cheese?

139. Would you rather have chocolate chip cookies with dead bugs or peanut butter cookies with dead worms?

140. Would you rather be stuck in a house with a ton of live flies or a ton of live worms?

141. Would you rather have a pig snout or a a horse nose for your nose?

142. Would you rather eat someone else’s boogers or chew someone else’s gum?

143. Would you rather lick a snake or lick a fish?

144. Would you rather eat a snow cone covered in snot or an ice cream with boogers?

145. Would you rather eat a whole raw chicken or a whole container of cottage cheese?

146. Would you rather smell bad breath all day or dog poop all day?

147. Would you rather have hooves for hands or bird claws for feet?

148. Would you rather eat mac and cheese with raisins or spaghetti with chocolate chips?

149. Would you rather have slimy scales all over your body or bird feathers all over your body?

150. Would you rather eat a pineapple peanut butter sandwich or a broccoli and jam sandwich?

I hope you and your family found some funny questions to enjoy and had a good laugh choosing the least gross option!  

If you come up with any other gross Would You Rather questions, share them in the comments below!


Sunday 22nd of October 2023

We had some of our nieces and nephews over this weekend and these questions were PERFECT!!! They kept all of us entertained for hours and we laughed so hard we all had belly aches. Thank you so much!

Brenda Kosciuk

Monday 23rd of October 2023

That's amazing to hear! I love it!!


Sunday 8th of October 2023

These were so fun - I did them with my little cousins on our long road trip. There is a long list so we were able to kill time for over an hour !!

Brenda Kosciuk

Sunday 8th of October 2023

That's awesome!

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