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10 Letter C Crafts And Activities

Letters, letters, letters! Toddlers are so excited to start learning about their letters. As soon as they recognize that books have words on the page and you aren’t just making up the story every time, they seem to develop this enthusiasm for letter recognition.

There are so many different ways to teach letters! Little hands love to be creative, so we’ve got some great letter c crafts and activities that will be so much fun for you and your toddler! 

Teaching toddlers and younger children anything new can be a challenge at times. They have a short attention span, get distracted easily, or have a hard time grasping new concepts. 

Need some new tips on how to teach your little youngster? Head over to this article on teaching toddlers to see what you can teach them and how to best accomplish it. 

One of the first things to teach when helping kids with their letters is letter recognition. This simply means knowing that an A is an A. And a B is a B. 

I like to teach this by only using the sounds of the letters instead of the letter names. It helps with phonics and is a great way for kids to pick up reading. 

So instead of teaching that ‘A’ says “aaa” I first start by saying “this is ‘aaa’ like ‘aa-aa-apple’”. That way they learn the letter sounds first and then once those are mastered we can focus on the letter names. 

Look at this blog post on teaching letter recognition for more ideas to help your kiddos if they seem to be having a harder time with this concept. 

Wanting to start out at the beginning of the alphabet? Look at our other articles on letter A activities and letter B activities for some free printables to get you started! 

Let’s dive in to some fun letter c games, crafts and activities that will have your little one on their way to knowing their alphabet letters. 

Letter C Activities And Crafts

My favorite part about all of these letter crafts is that they are such simple crafts that can be prepped in under 5 minutes! All you need is a printer and you are going to have a whole lot of fun! 

C Is For Cat Craft

Orange and white cat with cut and paste head and tail.

This printable letter c craft is so fun for kids who love kitty cats! Help them cut out each part of the cat and then glue them all together. 

C Is For Cow Craft

Cow craft with cut and paste head, legs and udder.

What a fun letter C craft! You can use this one for a quiet time activity if your child is capable of using glue and scissors unsupervised. They might have fun pretending to “milk their cow” when they are finished. 

C Is For Crab Craft

Crab craft with cut and paste pinchers, eyes and mouth.

Head to the “inside beach” with this one! Help them set up some blankets (a brown one for sand and blue one for water). Bury the crab in the “sand” and take turns trying to “dig“ to find it. 

C Is For Crow Craft

Black crow craft with cut and paste head, tail and wing.

Get out the googly eyes when you are done with cutting and glueing this fun “Crow Craft”. Help your toddler learn how to squeeze out the glue as well as learn to wait patiently for the glue to dry so the eye doesn’t fall right off. 

C Is For Caterpillar Craft

Caterpillar craft with cut and paste head and body.

This is a great way to teach a new letter AND a new concept of patterns. Have your child glue the dots alternating colors (light green, dark green, light green, etc). You could even use some green Pom poms for this one. 

One of the great books of our good ol’ friend, Eric Carle, will go along perfectly with this craft… The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I highly recommend adding this one to your book library if you don’t have it already. 

This is one of my girls’ favorite books and they still read it (one being in kindergarten). They love when I hide my fingers behind each “dot” on the food items so they can “push the button” to make my finger disappear. 

Letter C Songs

Songs can be such a powerful tool in helping kids to learn letter formation, sound and even the letter c shape. Sometimes you just need a quick review of the letter sound to jog your child’s memory. 

I like incorporating songs to our morning routine or when we are in the car to help my kids remember some of the things we have learned. 

Here are some great letter C songs to start with: 

1. The Letter C Song- Bounce Patrol

2. C is for Cookie- Sesame Street

3. Do you Know the Cookie Man?  

4. Never Smile at a Crocodile

I love music! It can help kids to learn even more than when we are just talking to them AND it sticks longer. My favorite thing is to find my girls repeating songs that I have sung to them to help teach them their letters. 

And I simply think to myself “yes! It’s working!” 

Letter C Movements

Movement is another great way to teach letters of the alphabet! Why? Because when we move our bodies, our memory is activated and those movements are stored for a longer period of time. 

C is a simple letter to do with movement. Have your child lay on the ground and shape their body into a C. Take a picture and make sure to show it to them. 

You can also play freeze dance to get some wiggles and energy out. But instead of freezing in whatever pose they would like, you must “freeze” in a letter C on the ground. 

I think sensory play definitely counts as movement. Hide some foam letter C’s in kinetic sand, rice, or corn meal, and have your child go digging for C’s. You can also use corn meal to spell letter C words if your child is ready for that next step. 

Want to incorporate both music and movement at the same time? Check out this song that will teach kids a “letter C dance”. 

Harvard Health teaches us that “moderate-intensity exercise can help improve your thinking and memory”. So let’s help get those kids up and moving! 

Letter C Lunch

Do you ever dread lunchtime with kids? I know I do! So why not change things up a bit? Do something you’ve never done before. 

You’re going to like this one. Trust me. 

Letter themed meals are a blast! Try serving a plate full of foods that only start with the letter C. 

Here are a few ideas: 

1. Carrots or cucumbers Cut Into CUTE pieces 

2. Craisins (the ones covered in yogurt are the best and it’s more likely your tot will eat them)

3. Cottage Cheese 

4. Crackers 

5. Cheese (help them see that some words start with letter C but can make a different sound) 

6. Chicken Nuggets

7. Chickpeas 

8. Cupcake (you know… to finish off the healthy meal, you gotta have something sweet!) 

What a great way to make lunch time fun and enjoyable for all parties. Hopefully it will get your little one to eat their food, be excited to come sit down, and give you a second to put your feet up before your back playing trains and pushing kids on the swings. 

Other Letter C Activity Ideas

I have a few other hands-on activities that are fun ways to teach the letter C to your child. 

1. Draw a large letter C on butcher paper and color or paint it together 

2. Use Pipe Cleaners to create lots of letter C’s and then hang them on a clothes line or string 

3. Use cookie cutters to make letter C sugar cookies 

4. Make some cookies using Chocolate Chips (pointing out all of the letter C’s in the recipe) 

5. Write the letter C on index cards and then hide them all around the family room. Have your child go on a scavenger hunt for them 

There are so many alphabet activities for letter C that you won’t ever be bored learning this fun new letter. Be creative with your kids and help them remember that learning is fun and exciting! When you get excited about it, then they will too. I hope you enjoy these crafts, songs and activities! 

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