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Free Printable Last Day Of School Signs (With Editable Option!)

The end of the school year is always filled with so many emotions!  

The kids are excited to be free for the summer break and parents are thinking about how to keep the kids occupied and making plans for a summer vacation.

Whether your kids are in the first grade or are completing their senior year, most of us now try to make time for those last day of school photos.

We want to commemorate the special day that our children complete a school year, even if they are rolling their eyes at us and saying “Mom!” in that tone that we all know and love!

both versions of last day of school sign printables

I know that I felt some level of exasperation when my mom would take last day of school pictures of me.

Many years later, I am so happy to still have those memories to look back on.

The only thing I find missing sometimes is that I can only guess at my grade level in the photos, especially if the writing on the back is smeared.

Yes, imagine some of us still have actual printed pictures!

Of course I know it is much simpler to keep track of dates with the way technology has advanced since the time when you had to go get your film developed.  

However, I imagine it would be nice to be able to just look at the pictures and know right away how old your child was or what year of middle school they were completing.

Enter the ever helpful last-day-of-school signs!  Now you can have all of the information you could need in one fell swoop.  

It is your choice to keep things very simple with dates or very specific to list your child’s favorite things from that particular year.

There are so many different options for how you can use these free printable last day of school signs, so let us take a look below.

Last Day Of School Sign Printable

The good thing is that you have a variety of last day of school signs to choose from.  

From simple and informative, to a more personalized approach with editable questions, we’ve got you covered.

All of your options include bright and happy colors that reflect all of the joy kids feel on the last day of school.

Pre-K Through Twelfth Grade Last Day Of School Signs

These first set of signs will include your child’s grade, as well as showing that they are completing the 2023-2024 school year.

I really like the simple black background with the beautifully bright colors that give off the same aesthetic as a chalkboard sign.  

This colorful sign is to the point and very celebratory to help send your child off to have a very happy last day of school!

Editable Last Day Of School Signs

If you are looking to add a few more editable details to your child’s last day pictures, these cute signs are for you!

There is a choice between a black chalkboard design and a white background design. 

Both of these free printables have wonderfully colorful decorations and letter colors to compliment the look!

Here is the information included in these editable designs:

-Your child’s name which you of course edit in.

-Last day of

-Editable school grade

-Below this is a group of editable prompts, to include:

-My teacher was…

-My grade or school year was…

-My favorite subject:

-I love…

This summer, I will…

The really fun part of using these signs is that you get to do a bit of a mini interview of your kids!  

If you choose to use these signs every year, it will be really fun to see how their answers change or stay the same as well.

Ideas For Editing

You can have so much fun with the different options on these last day of school printables.

If you want to keep things very simple, you can print your signs on regular copy paper and call it good.  

This works exceptionally well if you are already running behind and in a hurry!

In these situations, it is always good to remember that an imperfect something is better than a perfect nothing.

If you happen to be able to give this project a little more time, you could print out your free printable signs on some heavy cardstock and maybe have the kids decorate it.

I personally find that I get the best results from my son if I allow him to be a part of the process.  That translates to not so much eye rolling and a real smile in the photo!

Accessing Your Free Printable

Whether you take this special photo outside, while they are finishing breakfast, or on the way out the door, this end of school year memory will last a lifetime!

You will need to subscribe to Canva in order to access your free printable.  It is a fast process to get you one step closer to some amazing printables for your personal use.

It will be so worth it when you are able to look back on your child’s school time and see the details of who they were and who they have become.

Another fun thing is to be able to see both the first day of school photos next to the end of the year photos and marvel at how much your child has changed and grown!

In addition to that, these simple, printable signs will help make the last days of school run so much more smoothly.

If you would like the simple non-customizable signs, click here.

If you would like the editable signs, please subscribe below.

To me, anything that helps this busy time slow down is a positive in my book!  You can take that extra time to be fully present with your kids.

That in and of itself is a gift that keeps giving.  Enjoy these days with your little ones.  And, as always, you’ve got this!