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8 Fun Editable Name Coloring Pages To Print

My family LOVES to color!  It is such a fun activity for our whole family and a great way to spend some time together.  

We all have our own coloring books and we love to set up a big table with a ton of different coloring materials in the middle.  It’s such an easy activity and a great way to spend time together.  These name template coloring pages are going to be our next family activity for sure. 

I love that they are personalized with our own names, come in a variety of designs, and are so cute! Another bonus is that they take no prep and the fact that they are personalized will make them even more special. 

My son loves anything with his name on it and I think it would be so fun to make a personalized one for my husband and I so we all have our own coloring page!  

Editable Name Coloring Pages


These name template coloring pages are such a fun way for your child to practice their first name or make a special personalized piece of art.  With a variety of designs, your child is sure to find the perfect one for them!  

What I love about these coloring sheets is that my kiddo gets his very own coloring page that’s personalized for him and it takes no prep other than printing!  This is also one of those creative activities where your child could use whatever materials they want to make this their own. 

My son loves coloring with markers but also loves to watercolor so he might color one and then paint another.  

Here are some fun ways to use these coloring sheets: 

  • Print out your child’s name and have them practice the letters in their first name. For younger kids, point to each letter and have them say its name and then color in.  
  • Use these printable sheets with dot markers!  Have your child dot their own name and then they can color in the rest of the page.
  • Student names activity for the classroom- print out each of your student’s names and have them color in for a back to school activity or to make their own desk name plates!
  • Looking for a fun activity at your child’s birthday party? Print out one of these coloring sheets with each of your guests first name and have them laid out ready to color! This is a fun activity to do to kill some time.  (I’m always on the hunt for a breather activity for kid birthdays!)
  • Do you have a kid going to middle school? These would be so cute to color and laminate for a locker.  You could even attach a magnet to the back so they can hang it inside their locker.  To make it small enough, make sure to print at half the size. 
  • Make this coloring sheet into a placemat! My kid LOVES to choose what placemat he uses for each meal (and we have a lot!). A fun activity would be to have him color his favorite page and then laminate it and use it as a placemat!  That would be a great way to make this craft into something we could use again and again!

Option #1

This option is the cutest!  Your child’s first name is in bubble letters with adorable rainbows, flowers, pizza slices, donuts, stars, cupcakes, and doodles all around. This would be such a fun one to color because there are so many details and would be a fun way to practice your name!  Another cute idea for this option would be to hang it up (think fancy like in a frame) on your kids wall.  I love hanging art that is personalized and homemade and this one would be perfect!

Kawaii coloring page with name Ariana

Option #2

This option is one of my favorites! The first name is in bubble letters in the middle and is surrounded by a variety of beautiful flowers! This would be such a fun way to celebrate the start of spring or summer and would be super cute hanging in a girls bedroom!  

Floral coloring page with name Gabriela

Option #3

This name coloring page is so fun and wavy!! Your child’s first name is in the middle surrounded by waves.  This would be a really fun one to watercolor because the black lines would really pop!  

Squiggly lines coloring page with name Matthew

Option #4

This coloring page is so cool and gives a great black and white optical illusion!  This would be so pretty colored or painted with water colors and I love how much the first name pops out!  

Sophia coloring page with sunburst

Option #5

This option is covered in beautiful and fun mandala-style designs and would be so fun to color! This would be such a fun design to color for kids in middle school and would be a super cute locker or room decoration!  This would be a fun one to print for adults and color with your kids!

Mandala coloring page with name Natalia

Option #6

Another beautiful flower option! This one features one big beautiful flower in the center and beautifully lined leaves surrounding the page. Another fun one to bring in spring or summer!

Coloring page with large flower and leaves and name Mackenzie

Option #7

This option is out of this world!  This is my son’s favorite coloring sheet! The first name goes down vertically on the side and the rest of the picture is outer space with planets, the sun, comets and really cool space ships!  This is such a cool print and would be so much fun to color or paint.  My son has already decided he is going to add gold glitter glue to the sun and wants to frame it for in his room when he is done- it will make such a cool piece of art! This would also be a really fun to laminate and use as a placemat.  This coloring sheet will rock your world! 

Outer space coloring page with name Steven

Option #8

This last coloring sheet can only be described as super cute! The first name is in bubble letters right in the center and surrounded by the cutest little clip art with adorable faces. There are cute little food items like pizza and cupcakes and sweet plants, planets and even the cutest cup of hot chocolate you have ever seen. This would be so much fun to color and with all the smiles on the page, your kid will be smiling too!

Kawaii coloring page with name Ariana

Accessing Your Free Printable

To access your personalized coloring sheet you just need to subscribe in the box below and your free download will be available for you to edit. Editing Is super easy and done through Canva, all you need to do is edit the text to your child’s first name and then print! 

For printing, any type of paper will work, but cardstock will make the coloring sheets more sturdy and will make it easier to hang up if you choose to do that. 

These prints are for personal use only.  For more fun printables, check out I love you cards to color and birthday cards to color.