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Super Funny Road Trip Mad Libs Printables

Long car trips can feel a bit daunting for most of us.  They take a lot of time to plan and include many moving parts (and people!)

One of the most important parts of planning a long road trip is to find the right activities to help your little ones want to stay in their car seat during these long vehicle rides.

Along with packing activity books, a great way to keep everyone busy is with fun road trip games that will create so much fun that the time will go by so quickly!


Once the kids have found all of the license plates and shared fun facts they know and you have exhausted all of those road trip activities, you may be ready for a road trip mad lib or two.

We have included some fun and silly stories that will not only create a lot of opportunities for laughter, but also help your kids with great examples of the parts of speech.

This fun family activity will keep everyone busy with funny stories and continue to make them even more hilarious when replacing missing words.

Road Trip Mad Libs

Below you will find a series of mad lib stories that will get everyone laughing and coming up with ways to make the stories even more silly.

In order to make use of the stories several times, I would suggest printing out the stories and putting them in a sleeve so you can write on them with erasable marker.

This also makes things much easier for clean up!

An Unexpected Detour

Picture of "An Unexpected Detour" Mad Lib

The (last name) family set off on a road trip to the beach, armed with snacks, road maps, and a playlist full of their favorite songs.  Little did they know, it was not going to be the   (adjective)  trip they expected.  

Within the first hour, Dad insisted on taking a “shortcut” that led them straight into a   (place). Mom had misread the GPS and directed them to a deserted town that looked a little creepy.  There were   (plural noun)  on the side of the road.  

Once they found their way back to the highway, the car’s GPS started giving directions in a (foreign language)   accent, confusing everyone.  What else could go wrong? Just when the family thought they were going to lose their minds, they started to smell the   (adjective)   air.

They must be close to the beach!  They had never been so happy to get out of the car. The kids kissed the   (noun)  as they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.

Feather Fiasco

Picture of "Feather Fiasco" Mad Lib

As the (last name) family cruised down the highway, singing their favorite tunes, a sudden thud against

the windshield startled them.  Before they knew what happened, a   type of bird   landed inside their car, 

flapping wildly.  The kids   (verb)  , Mom shrieked, and Dad pulled over.  Mom and Dad scrambled to get

the bird out.  But 4 year old bird-lover Sarah decided that she wanted to keep the bird.  She grabbed the

bird and tried to keep it away from her parents.  She fed it some   (food)  .  In the middle of all the noise,

the family cat woke up and dove toward the bird.  The bird flew out of Sarah’s   (body part)  .  Mom tried

to shoo the bird toward an open   (part of a car)  .  The bird landed in Dad’s   (body part)   and pooped.  

A lot.  Then, the bird finally found its way out the open window.  The family continued on, even though 

everyone was   (adjective)  now.  The cat didn’t get a snack, Sarah didn’t have a new pet and Dad

had poop in his   (body part).

Pets Gone Wild

Picture of "Pets Gone Wild" Mad Libs

The (last name) family decides to bring their   (adjective)   assortment of pets on their road trip-

a parrot, a hamster and a goldfish in a bowl.  After only about   (number)  minutes, everything

started to go wrong.  The hamster got out of his cage and went under the   (part of car)  .

None of the kids could catch him.  Then, he started eating all the   (food)  they had packed.

Then, the parrot started mimicking the GPS over and over.  His favorite thing to say was

”  (something a GPS says)  “.  The parents tried to tell their kids to   (verb)  , but they

couldn’t hear a thing.  To make everything worse, part of the road was very rough and

the water from the goldfish bowl started to spill all over the kid’s   (body part)  .

Everyone was miserable until finally they arrived at their vacation spot   (number)  hours later.

The Mystery Of The Magical Snack Cooler

Picture of "The Mystery Of The Magical Snack Cooler" Mad Libs

The   (last name)   family was ready for their annual road trip.  The only problem was that Mom

had been distracted and had only packed    (healthy snack)   in the snack cooler.  The kids whined

and wished for more snacks.  Magically, some   (yummy snack)   appeared.  “Whoa!’, the kids said.

“Did you see that?”  They opened the snack cooler again and this time,   (another yummy snack)  

appeared.  The kids opened the cooler over and over, and each time they were given more snacks.

Mom started to get   (adjective)  as she saw the kids stuffing their faces with so much junk food.

The mom wished that the cooler would stop.  The next time the kids opened the cooler, there wasn’t

a new snack, there was   (something smelly)  .  It made the whole car smell.  The kids threw it out

the window.  All of their snacks smelled like it too!  They started to cry.  The mom didn’t want to hear 

her children cry so she wished again for snacks.  The kids ate   (number)   pieces of junk food and 

even the mom didn’t care anymore.

Accessing Your Mad Libs

In order to access your free printable, simply click below!

If you are still compiling things to keep you kids busy during a trip, I highly recommend these super fun road trip scavenger hunts to help pass the time.

Click here to access your Mad Libs Printables!

Remember to take time to enjoy your trip as much as you can; those little moments of fun and laughter are so worth all of the planning you did!

And, as always, you’ve got this!

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