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Free Editable Toddler Routine Charts For Morning And Night

Have you ever noticed that most kids are visual learners in some form or another? Even if they grow out of it eventually, when they are little they love visual cues. 

This makes sense because they can’t quite read, right? Imagine not being able to read any words. It would be extremely difficult to know what was expected of us! 

Our kids feel this when we are barking commands at them in the mornings and the evenings to get ready for the day or for bed. 


I know we are only trying to instill good habits (because trust me I do it too), but kids have a very short attention span and can’t always remember what they were asked to do even after 1 minute. 

We have this problem in our home almost on a daily basis. 

A typical morning at our home right now goes something like this.. 

We finish breakfast and our morning time of memorization and manners and then move on to our morning checklist. We call these are “high 5’s” because there are five things to do. 

I start by asking my kids to go do their high-5’s. After 5 minutes of them playing with toys and pretending not to hear me, I remind them again to “go do your high-5’s”. 

They usually accomplish one or maybe two on their own and then begin building a tower out of their blankets or reading a new library book on the floor. 

As you can imagine, it can get quite frustrating. 

Then I have to remind myself that they are only 3 and 5. And a to-do list at this age can be daunting. 

This is where a Visual Schedule might come in handy! 

If your child is having a hard time remembering what they need to do, or if you simply need a new motivation for your toddler and their routines, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at our fun routine chart for kids! 

Free Printable and Editable Toddler Routine Charts

This is honestly the best way to help your kids get through their daily routine checklist. With a simple list to help them remember all that needs to be done, the nagging will begin to decrease! 

I know you think I am crazy, but trust me! It really works! 

Your toddler will start to accomplish his or her regular routines in a timely manner and might even have a positive attitude while doing it! 

The best part about this is that they are FREE charts! AND it is even a fillable routine chart so you can edit it to fit your needs. 

Morning Routine


Do you currently have a hectic morning trying to get your children ready for the day and off to school? 

This free printable routine chart might be just what you need as an easy way to start a calm morning routine. 

A morning routine is essential for both the school year and summer break. Kids thrive on routine and a lot of times act out more when they lose that consistency. 

So let’s help provide that foundational framework for them by giving them a stepping stone to create a solid morning routine. 

AND. Even better. Help them do it all on their own! 

Some of the morning routine ideas we have included are: 

1. Go Potty (if you are potty training, this can be a great help to remind them to go right when they wake up) 

2. Wash hands

3. Eat breakfast 

4. Brush teeth 

5. Comb hair 

6. Get dressed 

7. Make Bed

Then there is a blank spot for you to add one of your own ideas. You can use all of them or switch them out depending on what your family does each morning. 

Strong morning routines create strong fun days! 

Evening Routine


The end of the day can be hard for kids! They have a lot to think about and process. 

And let’s face it. They are beyond tired and usually quite emotional (don’t worry. This is 100% normal). 

Anywhere from 2-5 years old, kids begin to drop their nap. 

So not only are you missing out on that nap time to get things done, but their growing minds are missing that sleep. Which means, bedtime can get a little tricky for those big emotions. 

If you are having trouble settling your child at night, check out our blog post on a toddler’s bedtime routine to get some great ideas! 

Having a nightly routine is the perfect way to help kids immensely to calm down and fall asleep on their own. And they might even fall asleep faster than they did before!  

It even helps to make the next day go smoother if you end the current day on a good note! 

Here are the night time routine ideas that you will find on our printable daily routine chart: 

1. Eat Dinner 

2. Sweep floor 

3. Take a bath 

4. Pajamas on 

5. Brush teeth 

6. Go potty 

7. Read a story 

8. Get in bed to sleep 

What better way to end the day than by feeling that sense of accomplishment and feeling like such a big girl or boy for doing it all by themself! 

Ideas For Editing

The first thing you should do when you print out the simple routine chart is add your child’s name. 

It might be fun to change the colors to match your child’s favorite colors. 

You can keep it all on one page and change the order of the items so they can see everything they have to do. 

I recommend laminating the printable chart so it stays in good condition. If you don’t have a laminating machine at home, check your local library or find an inexpensive one through Amazon. 

Kids love to use markers! Why is that? I feel like it might be because adults usually forbid them from toddlers! 

But this is great news! Because, you can give them permission to use dry erase markers to fill in, put a check mark, star or whatever else they want in the circle below the task every time they have a completed task. 

If your child is a sensory learner, feel free to cut out the task and put velcro dots on the back as well as on the corresponding color dot. As they complete each item, they can find the matching color and stick it right on. 

For some kids, seeing every task on one paper is really overwhelming. If this is the case for you, try creating “pocket charts”. 

This can be done by cutting up each task into task cards, punching a hole in the top and adding a little silver binder ring. That way, your child can flip through each card as he or she completes the task. 

Downloading Your Free Printable

To download your free printable, simply subscribe below by entering your email. 

It will be sent straight to your inbox where you can download it. Please remember that this is at no extra cost to you so we would ask that it only be for personal use! 

Your child is going to feel such a sense of accomplishment when they learn that they are completing their routines without any help from mom or dad! This will foster independence and confidence as your child grows through the years! 

We can’t wait to hear how these charts change your daily and nightly routines in your home! We hope you love them!