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3 Fun, Free Printable Easter Mad Libs For Kids

Easter season is here and that means it’s time for fun Easter games and activities!  This game could be considered the world’s greatest word game and is one of our family favorites- Mad Libs! 

This Easter addition is such a fun way to celebrate the holiday while still practicing all those good grammar skills that Mad Libs is famous for.  

This fun family activity will be the perfect way to have some Easter fun and have a good laugh with the funny stories your family creates!

Easter Mad Libs

Easter Mad Libs is easy to play and great for kids of all ages.  The first step in playing is filling in all the blanks with whatever descriptor the blank is asking for.  

Some times it might ask for a part of speech, like an adjective, and other times it might ask for things like a body part.  Once all the missing words are filled in, you get to read your unique stories out loud and enjoy the silliness of your story! 

The fun thing about Mad Libs is that every story is different depending on who is writing it and multiple people can use the same Mad Lib.  It makes for a really fun family game or even an Easter party game! 

Here are some tips for playing: 

-For young children, help them with the missing words by giving them two or three choices for each blank.  For descriptors like “body part” you can have them think through the parts of their body and point to which part you should write.  

-For older children who might still be working on their parts of speech, you could use this as an opportunity to work on their grammar skills by giving them a little cheat sheet of what each part of speech is (noun=person, place or thing) and see if they can plug in the missing words on their own. 

-This is a great activity for a whole group of kids or for a fun family activity!  Let each person pick which story they want (more than one person can have the same story) and after everyone is done, read the silly stories out loud for some Easter fun and laughs.

-If you’re using this in a classroom, you could laminate or put these Easter Mad Libs in protective sheets and have the kids use dry erase pens.  This would be a great way to work on grammar skills and parts of speech in the classroom and could be used as a word work station. 

Easter Oops!


If your kids loves silly stories, this one might take the cake (or the eggs!) This story is about an unfortunate mix up with the Easter bunny and some chocolate and will keep your kids laughing throughout the whole story! This is a great choice for young children because a lot of the descriptors are body parts, with only a few parts of speech. 

Once upon a time, the Easter Bunny was getting ready to deliver ____ on Easter morning.  As he was hopping from house to house, he tripped and fell into a ____ of chocolate.  He was covered from ____to ____ in chocolate!  Even his ____ was covered in chocolate.  He wasn’t sure that he could continue because he felt so ____ and ____.  But he had to finish delivering the eggs. As he hopped through the neighborhood, children started to ____ him.  They thought he was a giant chocolate ____!  The children started to bite his ____.  He screamed which made the children run and hide.  The Easter bunny was ____ that he had scared the children, but he was happy that he could continue delivering the ____.

The Missing Eggs


This fun tale is about an epic Easter egg hunt and some eggs missing.  Will the neighborhood kids find the eggs? 

One Easter, there was a big neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  The eggs were hidden in very creative place: in ____, ____ and even in a ____!  The hiding places were so good that no one could find any of the eggs!  The kids searched for ____ minutes.  Their ____ helped too!  Some of the kids started to ____.  They were so ____ from searching for so long.  Other kids started to ____.  Then, one boy saw a ____.  All of the kids started to follow it to the ____.  There, they found all of the eggs.  The kids were so ____. 

Egg Dye, Oh My!


This story is a classic tale of everything going drastically wrong and will keep your kids giggling until the very end.  This would be fun to do before or after dying eggs and will make everyone thankful their kitchen isn’t covered in egg dye!

It was Easter weekend and my ____ family gather to dye Easter eggs..  The kitchen was filled with the ____ smell of boiled eggs.  As the kids dyed their eggs, their ____ jumped on the the table causing the dye to spill.  Green dye splattered onto the ____, red dye dripped onto the ____ and blue dye stained the ____.  Even the ____ was purple!  The kids were ____.  They tried to clean the kitchen with some ____, but it didn’t work.  Then, they tried to cover the stains with a ____.  That didn’t work either.  They knew their parents would be ____.  But to their surprise, their parents liked the new colorful kitchen! It was a very ____ Easter. 

Accessing Your Printables

To get access to these easter eggstravaganza Mad Libs, all you have to do is hit the subscription button below and your pdf will instantly download. 

The best part of subscribing is that you will get weekly emails with fun (and free) printables and activities! It’s a great way to find ideas for your kids and not have to spend anytime looking.  

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