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Fun Printable Easter Guess Who Game

We are a family that LOVES games and I’m completely a sucker for every nostalgic game I come across. If I remember playing it as a kid, my son must play it too!  

At this point I can confidently say that as an adult, Twister and Mouse Trap isn’t worth the hype I remember as a kid.  

No matter, I continue on my pursuit to relive all of my childhood game memories with my son and this Easter Guess Who does not disappoint! I loved this game as a kid and think it’s so fun playing holiday themed games that are a spin off of the real game. 

Our family loves playing Easter games the few weeks leading up to Easter. It’s such a fun way to get into the Easter spirit and its nice to try out some new games around holidays.  This Easter Guess Who is the perfect game for your family, it’s great for all ages, there is no prep and can be played again and again! 

Easter Guess Who

Guess Who game featuring Easter eggs with different colors and patterns

The class Guess Who game is getting an Easter twist! This fun game is perfect for kids of all ages and will bring some serious Easter cheer with all the colorful Easter eggs and bright color letters!  The free printable comes with one playing board and can be used Easter Sunday or any time leading up to the big day! 

How To Play

This Easter game is a fun twist on regular Guess Who.  Each player has an Easter Guess Who sheet (make sure to print one for everyone playing).  Then each person decides what they are going to use for the game. Once everyone has that egg in mind, each player will go around asking yes and no trying to guess the other player’s egg.  For example, you might ask: “Does your egg have stripes?” If the answer is no, then you know all the eggs it can’t be.  The winner is the person who can guess the other players egg first.  

Some playing suggestions:

-Have each player use a marker or writing item so that they can cross things off after each question. This would be a great strategy for little kids who have a hard time remembering multiple clues. 

-Print this on cardstock and put in a dry erase sleeve so you can play over and over again! 

-For younger kids, talk about the egg characteristics before playing so they have an idea of what kinds of questions they could ask.  Point out stripes, polka dots, zigzags and the different colors.

-If you have a bunch of older kids together and want to have a little competition, you could do a “march madness” style where each person is partnered up and the winner plays the winner from the other partner group until there is only one winner. This would be pretty fun on Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny could even leave the game next to the Easter basket!

Accessing Your Free Printable

To download your adorable colorful Easter guess who all you have to do is click the link and your download will instantly pop up- no subscription necessary!  If your looking for more fun Easter activities, check out this Easter scavenger hunt!

Click here for your Guess Who Game PDF!


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